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Your novels "Absolute Power" and "Wish You Well" have been made into movies. In your experience, what has been the main difference between seeing your books come to life on the big screen and small screen?
They both take a ton of work with a dedicated cast and crew. Obviously the timing is very different. You may have a month (or much longer) of shooting days to make a movie. The TV shooting cycle is much shorter, obviously, which means you have a smaller margin of error and you have to hit your shot list every day and your actors really have to hit all their marks. And the days are long. Everything just moves a little faster.

How does the writing approach differ from a novel vs. a screenplay?
As a novelist you are the master and commander. You write what you want and, with the exception of some editing and suggestions with story, etc., the novel comes out pretty much as you wrote it. With film it's a much more collaborative affair with a director and actors and producers giving input and having a hand in how the story unfolds. With a novel you know when it's done. With a script you could well be revising it every day as you're shooting to take into account scenes having to be deleted due to timing issues, continuity, performance issues, and/or just logistics and challenges on the ground. It's much more of an ever-evolving mass. But I love both. In the end, you're still telling a story.
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