King & Maxwell
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When do you see the completed episodes? Do you have a viewing routine?
I see the episodes on a secure website before they're aired. One because I'm like a kid in an xBox store and I can't wait. And two because I might catch something that I would comment on to the producers. Then of course I watch the show live when it airs. If only we were a Nielsen family!

If my kids are around, we all watch the show together on the sofa with the surround sound blasting. Even our dogs seem to really enjoy the show. My kids are grown so it's interesting to get a take on their reactions. They really think the show is funny and cool (although they don't use those terms). Apparently now if something is "dirty" that means it's really good, at least according to my son.

Which characters in the TV series are most similar to their counterparts in the book? Which are most different?
I think that Michelle Maxwell is the closest. In the book she's tough, reserved and confident. But there is a fragility there that makes for an interesting counterbalance. And of course she's a slob. Sean King's character is very close to the book but I love how Jon Tenney has made it his own with the wry sense of humor and his imperfections. The character most different is Agent Rigby. In the book he ended up dying. I'm glad Michael O'Keefe is alive and kicking because he makes a great FBI agent. In fact, he reminds me of a few that I know!
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