King & Maxwell
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FBI Agent Carter
Carter is Agent Rigby's junior partner and, based on current behavior, will go far in the agency. He has had to overcome serious personal issues, specifically related to law enforcement, when it comes to getting ahead in the agency. For example, police officers shot and paralyzed his younger brother a few years ago when they suspected the teen of having a gun in the car. This nearly fatal oversight cost his brother the ability to walk and has permanently left a chip on Carter's shoulder.

Carter works with whoever can help solve a case – either standard law-enforcement organizations, like the police, or unconventional resources, like private investigators. His partnership with Rigby is tricky, as the two are clear opposites when it comes to their processes and overall attitudes.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell helped Carter and his partner Agent Rigby solve the murder of Ted Bergen and helped uncover illegal dealings within government and corporate agencies -- a catch that will most certainly impress his bosses at the FBI.

Carter worked with his partner Agent Rigby to discover if Michelle Maxwell really had any actual connection to the attempted assassination of Georgia politician Nikoloz Arziani. Carter was more than willing to join forces with Sean King and his partner in order to discover that the assassination was actually an inside job ordered by the politician himself.

Carter was arrested after he hit a police officer who pulled him over for a broken taillight; he was subsequently suspended from his job. However, Carter was a victim of a larger inside set-up, stemming back to one of his old informants, Doyle Ross. It turns out that Ross had been blackmailing U.S. representative Dawson for years after finding evidence that the politician had killed his intern years ago. Dawson murdered Ross and then made sure to close any loose ends -- including his connection to handler Agent Carter.

Carter was part of Rigby's team on the case of missing Noah Allen. He was especially impressed with Edgar's technological skills when the quiet assistant went through many uploaded videos of the park, where Noah was kidnapped, to catch any glimpses of a clue.

Carter and his partner are called in to investigate the murder of a D.C. blogger. He collects evidence from the crime scene connecting an insider of Congressman Bradley Ritter. Carter and Rigby back up Sean and Michelle, as the murder case parallels the P.I.'s investigation of the mole leaking secrets about the campaign and the Ritter family.

Carter helps his partner Rigby and Sean and Michelle figure out which FBI insider has murdered an crucial witness from within the headquarters. Besides filling in the P.I.s on Rigby's struggles with their supervisor, he also (inadvertently) helps Michelle win a bet against Sean when it comes to her dating life.
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