King & Maxwell
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Edgar Roy
This once suspected serial killer is now a member of the King & Maxwell Private Investigation team. He joined their team after Sean King served as his lawyer during his highly publicized criminal case. Edgar is a high-functioning autistic savant who specializes in patterns and numerical sequences. He has certain work-space requirements, like sitting at a "friendly" desk and enjoying soup for lunch on Mondays.

He may look intimidating, but Edgar is a quiet, brilliant man when it comes to searching for case paradigms and models. He's a go-to resource that crime-fighting agencies should use whenever possible. He works for minimal pay but is a huge resource for King & Maxwell.

Edgar easily hacked the Secret Service database and the FBI's phone records in order to help King and Maxwell discover the truth about the attempted assassination of Nikoloz Arziani.

Edgar helped King & Maxwell investigate Agent Carter's arrest and FBI suspension. Edgar hacked various files and accounts during this case, figuring out who the dirty cops that pulled over Carter were working for and who Carter's informant was getting money from -- Congressman Dawson.

Edgar went through many security videos during the case of the kidnapped boy, Noah, in order to find a distinguishing mark from the suspect. His ability to catch a still of the tattoo helped open the case. He also opened himself up to the victim's younger brother and, by doing so, gleaned some important information that helped Sean and Michelle.

Edgar uses intellect and high-tech equipment (like his dummy friend Clarence) to prove that the death of Sean's ex-agent friend's son was, in fact, a murder and not a suicide. This fact helps Sean and Michelle open the case and discover that the father of a member in Sean's old Secret Service detail is the killer.

Edgar's interest in Sean's dismissal from the Secret Service, upon being set up after the assassination of Clyde Ritter, goes into overdrive after the P.I.s take a case involving Ritter's son. Edgar deciphers the identity of the blogger who was blackmailing the Ritter family. After the blogger is murdered, the team sets up the hit man and it's up to Edgar to manage the surveillance. Things don't go exactly as planned, and Edgar promises to always have Sean's back from this point forward.

Edgar was able to decipher the symbols J.T., Michelle's brother, spotted on a suspect's cufflinks in order track down the man. Besides working on the case, he worked on himself a bit after Benny showed him a few ways to relax and be comforted when he comes into physical contact with another person.

Edgar's tech talents come into play once again when he helps decipher a surveillance video that recorded the phone being stolen. As he analyzes video, he breaks down a few walls with the team's go-to informant, Benny. She and Edgar share a moment as the two learn a little more about each other, besides the fact that he loves soup and she has a thing for thievery.

Edgar relies on Benny's kindness after Sean and Michelle get trapped in the FBI building...and they're not around to prepare his lunch. Besides worrying about who will make his grilled cheese, Edgar manages to hack the chemical company and find another whistleblower who could take the place of the murdered witness. Clarence the Dummy takes a beating under Sean's watch, but Edgar doesn't seem too bothered after spending a few kind moments with Benny.

Edgar is a crucial component when Sean receives the mysterious box of FBI evidence about the Clyde Ritter assassination. He figures out that the shooter was wearing a pin only reserved for the highest security clearance and he, along with Benny, are able to trace the shooter's prosthetic arm to a prop house. His hacking talents help the P.I.s gain access to the political rally, thus saving the Ritter's son from following the same fate as his father.
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