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Michelle Maxwell
A former Secret Service agent, Maxwell is now a private investigator partnered with Sean King. Michelle Maxwell comes from a long line of law enforcers, including all four of her brothers and her chief-of-police father. Old family issues have created a tear in the relationship between her and her father. Maxwell was let go from the agency after the person she was protecting was kidnapped during her watch. Before she was fired, she had another work-related incident when she was removed from her assignment after she accused the European politician she was protecting of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. She never actually served in the Secret Service with King -- they became partners later on. She recently had a second chance to be an agent, but decided that her connection with Sean King and the P.I. world was stronger. Be aware she is extremely loyal to her partner and will do just about anything to close her case (including temporarily obstructing law enforcement perhaps). Donít be fooled by her beauty or disorganization – Maxwell knows more than she lets on.

Be advised: This investigator has a major temper and impulsive tendencies, and she's usually armed.

Sean King's friend and mentor, attorney Ted Bergen, was murdered. Maxwell and her partner took the case and figured out that the murder was part of a large cover-up job involving corporate defense contractors and government insiders. By solving Bergen's case, King and Maxwell were simultaneously able to free an innocent man, Edgar Roy.

Maxwell was under investigation by Agent Rigby and the FBI after a European politician, Nikoloz Arziani, was almost assassinated. This is the same politician Maxwell was sworn to protect 4 years ago before she caught him smuggling out a young girl from his hotel room. It turns out Arziani faked his own assassination attempt; however, things became real when the girl he assaulted 4 years earlier sought retribution. Maxwell protected Arziani's life and hopes the young woman will be fully rehabilitated soon.

Maxwell joined forces with her partner Sean King to discover the truth about FBI Agent Carter's arrest and subsequent suspension. She and King figured out that his run-in with the law was all part of a huge set up going all the way up to a U.S. representative.

Michelle found herself in some awkward moments when Sean ran into an old flame, Joan Dillinger, during a kidnapping case. She worked with the mother of the missing boy in order to pull off a tricky, staged art heist. Her questionable tinkering with the law paid off, and the case was happily solved.

While helping Sean solve the mysterious deaths of his ex-agents' loved ones, Michelle became a target by the murderer. Bradley Martin's father couldn't get over the loss of his son, who died during a protection detail in Mexico 10 years earlier, and wanted to make Sean and the other agents pay. Michelle's quick thinking (and quick reflexes) saved her in the end, along with Sean's last-minute appearance.

Michelle helped Sean get some closure about the case that ended his Secret Service career -- the assassination of presidential candidate. The candidate's son, now a congressman, contacted the duo to identify a malicious blogger destroying his campaign. Michelle had to make good use of her poker skills in order to find the blogger's source. She did have a quick moment of shame after asking for help from sleazy P.I. Jerry Wakowitz, though she'd do just about anything to solve a case and help Sean lay some ghosts to rest.

Michelle was reunited with her brother J.T., a former cop looking to follow in his little sister's footsteps of becoming a P.I. His first official case brought him from Nashville to D.C., where he teamed up with Michelle and Sean to track down Tommy, the boyfriend of his client's daughter. J.T. also brought with him a few old family problems, reminding Michelle that it's been nearly 2 years since she last spoke with their father. Mr. Maxwell had a health scare a while back, and J.T. thinks it may be time for his sister to mend old issues.

Michelle and Sean help George Clark, deputy director of National Intelligence, recover his missing phone, and its contents, in a very hush-hush way. In fact, FBI Agent Rigby doesn't even realize how high up the P.I.'s client really is. Though the case takes some odd turns, the pair nab the blackmailers in the nick of time. As a way to offer thanks, Clark lets Michelle know that although Sean may have put his Secret Service days behind him, she still has a job waiting for her in the elite agency.

Michelle and Sean get locked inside the FBI building when a murder takes place inside. While Sean searches for another witness to replace the one that's just been killed, Michelle helps Rigby investigate who could have shot a man from inside one of the most secure buildings in D.C. While Michelle catches the killer (an FBI employee), she's got other things on her mind after the offer of rejoining the Secret Service has been put on her plate.

Michelle has a chance to rejoin the Secret Service, but she's distracted while trying to help Sean bury a few of his old demons. His obsession with solving the assassination of Clyde Ritter that kicked him out of the Secret Service leads both P.I.s to another assassination attempt -- that of Ritter's son, a senate candidate. She believes in Sean and trusts that there's something nefarious going on, and that close partnership leads her to stay with the King & Maxwell team and put her days in the Secret Service in the past, once and for all.
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