King & Maxwell
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(Sean King)

This discredited Secret Service agent now works as a private investigator, partnered with Michelle Maxwell. King was disgracefully fired from the Secret Service after the presidential candidate, Clyde Ritter, he was sworn to protect was assassinated. The flashes from the camera and the glare of the sun momentarily blinded King, right as the killer fired his gun. Though the assassination was years ago, King is still deeply affected by what happened, especially after he was hired recently by Clyde's son, a congressman, to identify a blogger hell bent on destroying the Ritter family. It turns out that he was set up and his lawyer, Ted Bergen, got his charges dropped. Besides closing the case, Bergen also helped his client get sober and into law school. After years of investigation and examining the case again and again, Sean makes a break in the Ritter assassination and figures out that it was his fellow Secret Service agent, Bob Scott, who was the one responsible for the kill. Luckily he figures this out before history has a chance to repeat itself and Clyde's son is also assassinated. King is not only a P.I., but an attorney as well. It should be noted that though King is rarely armed, he's extremely quick-witted and can talk himself out of any questionable situation. Witnesses and even potential suspects have commented on his "charming" attitude.

Note that when relaying any delicate information to King, he shares all intel with Maxwell, his partner, and his assistant Edgar.

King's friend and mentor, attorney Ted Bergen, was murdered. He and his partner Michelle Maxwell took the case and figured out that the murder was part of a large cover-up job involving corporate defense contractors and government insiders. By solving Bergen's case, King and Maxwell were also able to free an innocent man, Edgar Roy.

King pulled double duty as both P.I. and lawyer when his partner, Michelle Maxwell, was called under suspicion for the attempted assassination of Georgia politician Nikoloz Arziani. Besides protecting Maxwell's legal rights, King helped discover that the European leader was actually the one who staged his own murder attempt in the hopes of earning the sympathy, and votes, of his people back home.

King once again pulled double duty as both P.I. and lawyer when a colleague, Agent Carter, was arrested for hitting a police officer after being pulled over for a broken taillight. King, along with Maxwell, worked to investigate the suspicious case and get Carter his job back. The team, with Agent Rigby's help, figured out that Carter was the victim of a huge inside set-up -- a fellow FBI agent went through his personal file to glean information about his sensitivity regarding patrol cops. Turns out the rogue agent was working for Congressman Oliver Dawson, who killed a man, one of Carter's old informants, that was blackmailing him for another murder he committed seven years earlier.

Sean teamed up with an old flame and partner, Joan Dillinger, in order to rescue the kidnapped son of a former art thief. He and Michelle faked a gallery heist in order to pay off the kidnapper, but ended up trapping the man.

Things get personal when the loved ones of Sean's former Secret Service friends end up hurt or murdered. He and Michelle trace the crimes back to the father of a fallen Service member -- Bradley Martin. The young agent died about 10 years ago in Mexico, while serving in the same detail as Sean King. The father never got over the loss and wanted to make the ex-agents pay by experiencing the same type of grief. Though he attempted to kidnap and kill Michelle, Sean's loved one, he was thwarted by the P.I.s and eventually brought in by Rigby.

Sean's past continues to haunt him. The politician he failed to keep alive years ago during his Secret Service days comes back to life in a way, when his son, Bradley Ritter, now a congressman, needs help. Ritter asks Sean to uncover the secret identity of a tabloid blogger releasing damning, private information about his family. After the blogger is murdered, Sean and Michelle discover that the ordered hit came from inside the congressman's staff -- his campaign manager's wife. Though he solved Bradley's case, the involvement with the Ritter family sparks his interest in resurrecting the investigation of Clyde's assassination -- a possible conspiracy?

Sean joined forces with Michelle's brother J.T. in order to help the up-and-coming P.I. solve a case that brought him from Nashville to D.C. The trio worked together to figure out that a man with multiple identities, who abandoned his girlfriend, was actually part of the witness protection program and trying to protect her by breaking ties with her.

Sean and Michelle help a government bigwig get back his stolen cellphone. The case takes an interesting turn when the guy who stole the phone for extortion purposes ends up being caught up in a much more dangerous situation. In fact, Agent Rigby actually arrests Sean in order to get to the bottom of the missing phone, and information, that everyone seems so interested in. Eventually, Sean and Michelle help bust the cartel trying to steal the info and satisfy the client. However, Sean's interest -- turned obsession -- about the assassination that booted him from the Secret Service years ago still weighs heavy on his mind.

During a lockdown at the FBI, Sean and Michelle are trapped inside and work quickly to help Rigby and his team solve a murder that just took place within the building. The victim was a witness set to testify against a chemical company poisoning (and killing) a small town. Though Sean is temporarily distracted with the FBI evidence locker for personal reasons, he jumps in and hustles to help Rigby, who's job is on the line. He finds another whistleblower to testify and helps put a murderer behind bars.

Past collides with present when Sean's obsession with figuring out the truth behind Clyde Ritter's assassination, which ended his career in the Secret Service, comes to a head after FBI evidence is anonymously sent to him. He experiences deja vu when he senses that Ritter's son, a senate candidate, is doomed to be assassinated in the same place as his father. At first, Michelle ignores his theories and claims he's obsessed, but after all the evidence points in the right direction, she stands by her partner. Not only does Sean stop the assassination attempt, he clears his own name and figures out that a former Secret Service agent from his group, Bob Scott, was the one responsible for this attempt and connected to the murder of Clyde Ritter years ago.
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