Dianne Wiest
(District Attorney Nora Lewin)

Nora Lewin (Season 11) took over the helm of the Manhattan DA's office when Adam Schiff retired. Described by creator/executive producer Dick Wolf as a "steel fist in a velvet glove," Lewin takes a more hands-on approach to the position. She also clearly has aspirations that go beyond her new position, which her staff soon realizes, and her decisions and actions sometimes reflect her political agenda.

Wiest joined Law & Order in its eleventh season taking over the helm of the D.A.'s office as the ambitious and highly political District Attorney Nora Lewin. Wiest is known for such high profile roles as her Academy Award-winning performances in Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters and Bullets Over Broadway and her Oscar-nominated role in Parenthood. A diverse actress with a wide range, Wiest's prolific film career includes roles in a variety of popular movies, including The Horse Whisperer, The Birdcage, Little Man Tate, Footloose, Independence Day, The Lost Boys, Edward Scissorhands, Practical Magic, Radio Days, The Purple Rose of Cairo and September.