Paul Robinette defends a crack-addicted mother who kidnapped her son from his adoptive parents.

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Saturday, April 19, 3:04AM ET
Causa Mortis TV-14-L
McCoy and his new partner, D.A. Jamie Ross, handle a difficult case involving a carjacking and murder.
Saturday, April 19, 4:00AM ET
Venom TV-14-L
A young man shoots his manipulative mother, claiming that years of psychologiacal and physical abuse drove him to it.
Saturday, April 19, 5:00AM ET
Punk TV-14-DL
The execution-style murder of a prison guard triggers and examination of the corruption inherent in the state''s penal system.
Saturday, April 19, 6:00AM ET
True North TV-14-DL
The wife of a wealthy executive pays to have her husband killed when she discovers he wants a divorce, revealing a cold-blooded monster hiding behind the smiling face of a socialite.
Saturday, April 19, 9:00AM ET
Passion TV-14-L
McCoy and Ross must sort it out when the death of an editor points to a scorned girlfriend but might be a cover-up.
Saturday, April 19, 10:00AM ET
Ramparts TV-14-L
The discovery of a body in a river opens up a 30-year-old missing persons case, bringing with it painful memories of the Vietnam era.
Saturday, April 19, 11:00AM ET
Haven TV-14-L
The owner of an inner-city youth outreach center is brutally murdered, and his star student is revealed as the prime suspect.
Sunday, April 20, 4:00AM ET
Hunters TV-14-L
McCoy attempts to convict two bounty hunters who have committed cold-blooded murder in their efforts to capture a bail-jumper, even though it means defying established laws protecting their actions.
Sunday, April 20, 5:00AM ET
Sideshow (Part 1) TV-14-L
The murder of a high government official uncovers a sexual scandal that an overzealous Independent Counsel is determined to expose, regardless of how many lives he ruins in the process.
Sunday, April 20, 6:00AM ET
Disciple TV-14-L
McCoy prosecutes an ex-nun whose unauthorized exorcism results in the death of a child.
Sunday, April 20, 7:00AM ET
Harm TV-14-L
The bludgeoning of a divorce lawyer by an angry client uncovers a network of unscrupulous doctors involved in kickbacks and dangerous medical practices.
Sunday, April 20, 8:00AM ET
Shield TV-14-L
When a police officer is shot to death during a secret stakeout, evidence points to his obsessive girlfriend, who also happens to be a cop.
Sunday, April 20, 9:00AM ET
Juvenile TV-14-L
An influential newspaper columnist is shot outside his home, and evidence suggests it was in retaliation for a murder case he''d covered nearly twenty years before.
Sunday, April 20, 10:00AM ET
Tabula Rasa TV-14-L
A New York City University professor is pushed under the wheels of a subway train, and the murder investigation leads to a man who had kidnapped his children and changed his identity fifteen years before.
Sunday, April 20, 11:00AM ET
Empire TV-14-DL
When a businessman with a heart condition is murdered with a fatal dose of Viagra, the attorneys find themselves fighting a losing battle against the powerful people who control the city. Julia Roberts guest stars.
Sunday, April 20, 12:00PM ET
Ambitious TV-14-L
The son of a powerful mob boss makes moves to take over as head of his family, and McCoy sets out to stop him before he can come into power.
Monday, April 21, 4:00AM ET
Working Mom TV-14-L
Evidence in a former police officer''s murder leads to a suburban housewife represented by women''s rights attorney Lanie Stieglitz.
Tuesday, April 22, 2:00AM ET
Star Crossed TV-14
An upwardly mobile woman manipulates a loyal but mentally challenged friend to commit heinous crimes, to upgrade her lifestyle.
Wednesday, April 23, 3:00AM ET
Admissions TV-14-L
A graduate student is murdered on the campus of Hudson University, and her brilliant, bad-tempered mathematics professor is suspected of the crime.
Wednesday, April 23, 4:00AM ET
Gunshow TV-14-L
A medical student kills fifteen people in cold blood and receives protection from the death penalty, so McCoy decides to prosecute the manufacturer of the gun with which he committed his carnage.
Thursday, April 24, 4:00AM ET
Killerz TV-14-L
When the body of a little boy is found in a drainpipe at a construction site, evidience shows that another child may be the murderer.
Saturday, April 26, 3:03AM ET
I.D. TV-14-L
The detectives investigate a case involving a woman who was killed for her identity by her own sister.
Saturday, April 26, 4:00AM ET
Refuge (1) TV-14-L
The discovery of a body in a car trunk leads the detectives and attorneys on the trail to a high-level money-laundering operation controlled by ruthless Russian gangsters.
Saturday, April 26, 5:00AM ET
Refuge (2) TV-14-L
McCoy''s zeal to bring down the Russian Mafia takes him all the way to the United States Supreme Court, defying a direct order from Schiff.
Saturday, April 26, 6:00AM ET
A judge is critically injured in a murder attempt, and even though evidence proves conclusively that her own husband ordered the hit, she refuses to incriminate him.
Saturday, April 26, 9:00AM ET
Merger TV-14-DL
When the 15-year-old daughter of a multimillionaire is murdered, the sons of the equally affluent next-door neighbors are suspected of the crime.
Saturday, April 26, 10:00AM ET
Justice TV-14-L
A lawyer''s murder is linked to an unscrupulous judge who put an innocent man on death row just to win a seat on the bench. Carey Lowell guest stars.
Saturday, April 26, 11:00AM ET
Marathon TV-14-L
When a woman is shot down in the street over a petty purse snatching, Briscoe is frustrated when the gang member who did it manages to elude justice again and again.
Saturday, April 26, 12:00PM ET
Patsy TV-14-L
A travel agent is sexually assaulted and lapses into a coma, and the suspect, a prominent state employee, insists she staged the attack herself out of unrequited love.
Sunday, April 27, 5:00AM ET
Blood Money TV-14-L
An elderly man is murdered, and the detectives discover that he is a retired insurance salesman who cheated Holocaust victims during World War II.
Sunday, April 27, 6:00AM ET
Sundown TV-14-L
A man afflicted with Alzheimer''s Disease kills his wife in a jealous rage, and his daughter fights to keep him out of prison where he would have to live under deplorable circumstances.
Sunday, April 27, 7:00AM ET
Loco Parentis TV-14-L
A high school boy is murdered, and the blame is placed on another student whose father encouraged his antisocial and violent behavior.
Sunday, April 27, 8:00AM ET
Collision TV-14-L
A homeless man suffering from mental illness is accused of murdering a schizophenic woman that he seemed to be stalking.
Sunday, April 27, 9:00AM ET
Mother's Milk TV-14-L
A young mother is prosecuted for the starvation death of her infant son, but she insists that she wasn''t able to breast feed him, even though her hospital counselor demanded that she could do nothing else.
Sunday, April 27, 10:00AM ET
Panic TV-14-L
The wife of an FBI agent is suspected of the attempted murder of a famous mystery writer with whom her husband may have been having an affair. Tom Berenger guest stars.
Sunday, April 27, 11:00AM ET
Entitled TV-14-DL
McCoy threatens to uncover a wealthy family''s ties to organized crime in order to bring daughter Stephanie, who has been accused of murder, to justice.
Sunday, April 27, 12:00PM ET
Fools For Love TV-14-DL
A young woman insists that she was the unwilling accomplice of a murderer-rapist, but McCoy is convinced that she enjoyed participating in the crimes.
Monday, April 28, 4:00AM ET
Trade This TV-14-L
A young stockbroker is shot to death in his office, uncovering a scandal involving insider trading, phony securities and organized crime.
Tuesday, April 29, 1:00AM ET
Exchange TV-14-D

Tuesday, April 29, 2:00AM ET
A successful stockbroker with multiple girlfriends is murdered and his most prominent client, a world-famous cosmetics entrepreneur is the suspect, but her defense is a shock.
Wednesday, April 30, 3:00AM ET
Black, White And Blue TV-14-L
Police officers are accused of causing the death of a young white man when they drop him off in a black neighborhood during a violent uprising.
Wednesday, April 30, 4:00AM ET
Mega TV-14-L
The leader of a strange cult that preaches self-love to the newly wealthy is accused of bombing the helicopter one of his followers is riding in.
Thursday, May 1, 4:00AM ET
Surrender Dorothy TV-14-L
When an unhappy wife is found dead in the trunk of her own car, suspicion is cast on her fanatical father-in-law, who may have driven her to suicide.

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