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Friday, April 18, 1:03AM ET
Silent Night TV-14-LV
When a 19-year-old is shot while protecting her baby sister's crib, Mac relies on the teenager's family, who are all hearing impaired, for vital clues that will help him track their daughter's killer.
Friday, April 18, 2:03AM ET
Obsession TV-14-DV
A man found dead in the snow with a price tag hanging from inside his stomach leads the CSIs to the annual Idiot-Run race where young New Yorkers in creative costumes race decorated shopping carts from Brooklyn to Manhattan as if they were dog sleds.
Friday, April 18, 3:03AM ET
The Lying Game TV-14-LV
When a transgender showgirl is drowned in a rest room at a five-star hotel, the CSIs investigate if the killer was surprised to discover the performer''s secret and committed murder as a result.
Friday, April 18, 4:00AM ET
Some Buried Bones TV-14-V
While investigating the death of a college student found dead in a Queens park, Mac, Sheldon and Det. Flack discover a secret college society that may have been behind the victim''s murder.
Friday, April 25, 2:00AM ET
Heart Of Glass TV-14-V
When a music industry mogul is murdered in his high-end penthouse apartment, Mac, Stella and the team must rely on the crime's only witness, the victim's sister, to solve their case.
Friday, April 25, 3:00AM ET
The Ride-In TV-14-LV
The CSIs investigate a bizarre murder where a man named Noah is found buried under a sea of cash after being shot in his home and with a 20-foot ark full of people and animals in his backyard.
Friday, April 25, 4:00AM ET
Sleight Out Of Hand TV-14-V
When world-renowned illusionist Luke Blade (guest star Criss Angel) brings his act to the streets of New York and two of his crew members are found dead in ways that mimic his illusions, Mac and the team wonder if his tricks have become reality.

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