Phoebe Halliwell
(Alyssa Milano)

After losing her job in New York, Phoebe Halliwell reluctantly returns to San Francisco to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper, in the Victorian house they inherited from their grandmother. Their lives are inexplicably changed during their first night together, after Phoebe discovers the Book of Shadows in the attic and recites an incantation. From that moment forth, the sisters have their unique powers bestowed upon them. Whilst Prue and Piper are initially wary of their newfound powers, Phoebe embraces hers wholeheartedly and even schools herself in martial arts so that she too will have an active power. Eager to learn and grow as a witch, Phoebe has considerable success making potions and casting spells. In fact, her Wicca heritage seems to give her a new lease of life. Phoebe eventually goes back to college and earns a degree in psychology, although that still doesn't find her steady employment until she inadvertently stumbles into the ideal job as an advice columnist for the Bay Mirror newspaper.

Although there's never been any doubt that her heart's in the right place, Phoebe has always been a 'live for today' type of gal. Unfortunately, her curious and impulsive nature can sometimes be mistaken for irresponsibility and immaturity. Of course, such traits aren't exactly healthy for such a powerful witch. It's certainly no surprise that Phoebe's return to the family home ensured lots of sparks between her and eldest sister Prue. As different as chalk and cheese, Prue would often view her open-minded, free spirited little sister as reckless. However, accepting the responsibilities of being Charmed Ones brought the two closer together. Prue's shocking death cemented Phoebe's transition into the courageous young woman she is today. But ultimately, it's Phoebe's happy go lucky, carefree attitude that makes her such an endearing and positive role model. Plus, there's that ability to kick butt both physically and verbally.