Upcoming Airings
Monday, April 21, 7:00AM ET
Bride And Gloom TV-PG-LSV
A warlock tricks Prue into marriage in an effort to steal ``The Book of Shadows.''''
Monday, April 21, 8:00AM ET
The Good, The Bad And The Cursed TV-PG-LSV
Phoebe links to the violent past of an Old West ghost town, and Prue must save her.
Tuesday, April 22, 7:00AM ET
Just Harried TV-PG-LSV
Prue''s uncontrollable dreams ruin Piper''s hope for a peaceful wedding.
Tuesday, April 22, 8:00AM ET
Death Takes A Halliwell TV-PG-LSV
Prue decides to deal with the death of her mother.
Wednesday, April 23, 7:00AM ET
Pre-Witched TV-PG-LSV
The sisters face being separated, as newlyweds Piper and Leo plan to get their own home.
Wednesday, April 23, 8:00AM ET
Sin Francisco TV-PG-LSV
The Charmed Ones fall prey to a demon wielding the seven deadly sins.
Thursday, April 24, 7:00AM ET
The Demon Who Came In From The Cold TV-PG-LSV
Cole infiltrates an underworld brotherhood to learn about an evil entity, but the sisters fear they may be betrayed.
Thursday, April 24, 8:00AM ET
Exit Strategy TV-PG-LSV
Danger grows when a former mentor plots to turn Cole''s powers against the sisters.
Friday, April 25, 7:00AM ET
Look Who's Barking TV-PG-LSV
Prue transforms into a dog to track a demon.
Friday, April 25, 8:00AM ET
All Hell Breaks Loose TV-PG-LSV
The sisters deal with the dark side in an effort to turn back time and undo their exposure as witches on television.
Monday, April 28, 7:00AM ET
Charmed Again (Part 1) TV-PG-LV
While mourning the death of Prue, Phoebe and Piper learn of the existence of a half-sister (Rose McGowan) who may be able to complete the Power of Three.
Monday, April 28, 8:00AM ET
Charmed Again (Part 2) TV-PG-LV
While mourning the death of Prue, Phoebe and Piper learn of the existence of a half-sister (Rose McGowan) who may be able to complete the Power of Three.
Tuesday, April 29, 7:00AM ET
Hell Hath No Fury TV-PG-DLV
Paige steals the Book of Shadows to use the spells for personal gain.
Tuesday, April 29, 8:00AM ET
Enter The Demon TV-PG-LV
A Zen master''s disciple causes trouble for Paige and Phoebe after a potion mishap causes the sisters to change bodies.
Wednesday, April 30, 7:00AM ET
Size Matters TV-PG-LV
A hideous demon (Robert Englund) shrinks Phoebe to 5-inches tall and uses her as bait for the other two sisters.
Wednesday, April 30, 8:00AM ET
A Knight To Remember TV-PG-LSV
Paige discovers that in a past life she was an evil enchantress.
Thursday, May 1, 7:00AM ET
Brain Drain TV-PG-V
The Source (Ben Guillory) taps into Piper''s brain, altering her perception of reality.
Thursday, May 1, 8:00AM ET
Black As Cole TV-PG-V
A widow seeks revenge on Cole for her husband''s murder.
Friday, May 2, 7:00AM ET
Muse To My Ears TV-PG-V
The sisters must stop warlocks enslaving muses for evil purposes.
Friday, May 2, 8:00AM ET
A Paige From The Past TV-PG-LV
Leo takes Paige back in time so she can confront her guilt about her parents'' deaths; ghosts possess Phoebe''s and Cole''s bodies and head to a chapel to get married.

Previous Airings
Monday, April 14, 7:00AM ET
Once Upon A Time

Monday, April 14, 8:00AM ET
All Halliwell's Eve

Tuesday, April 15, 7:00AM ET
Sight Unseen

Tuesday, April 15, 8:00AM ET
The Primrose Empath

Wednesday, April 16, 7:00AM ET
Power Outage

Wednesday, April 16, 8:00AM ET
Sleuthing With The Enemy

Thursday, April 17, 7:00AM ET
Coyote Piper

Thursday, April 17, 8:00AM ET
We All Scream For Ice Cream

Friday, April 18, 7:00AM ET
Blinded By The Whitelighter

Friday, April 18, 8:00AM ET
Wrestling With Demons