Lana's great-uncle, Dexter McCallum (Tom Heaton), who was convicted of murdering his wife 40 years ago, shows Lana a picture of the man he believes really killed her great-aunt -- and she is shocked to notice that the drifter looks exactly like Clark. Convinced that the man was his Kryptonian father, Clark investigates and finds a Kryptonian medallion that allows him to see bits of the past -- and the life that was planned for him long before he arrived on Earth. In flashbacks, Kristin Kreuk plays a dual role as Lana's aunt, Louise McCallum, and Tom Welling plays a dual role as Clark's Kryptonian father, Jor-El.

Season 3 | Episode 6

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Annette O'Toole

Martha Kent

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

John Schneider

Jonathan Kent

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Lex Luthor

Tom Welling

Clark Kent