COVER STORY - When the young, beautiful editor of an up-and-coming writer is murdered in the writer's apartment, the trail leads Briscoe and Curtis to the writer's scorned and abused girlfriend. However, once she is arrested a complex game of cat and mouse begins between her and the D.A.'s office, leaving McCoy and Ross to untangle the lies and try to find out who is covering for whom and who is the real murderer.

Season 7 | Episode 21

Jerry Orbach

as Detective Lennie Briscoe

Angie Harmon

as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael

Sam Waterston

as Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy

S.Epatha Merkerson

as Lt. Van Buren

Jesse L. Martin

as Detective "Eddie" Edward Green

Benjamin Bratt

as Detective Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis

Dianne Wiest

as District Attorney Nora Lewin

Steven Hill

as District Attorney Adam Schiff