DOES HELICOPTER CRASH MEAN CASH FOR NEXT-OF-KIN? MARRIED COUPLE ANNETTE O'TOOLE ('DEAD BY SUNSET') AND MICHAEL MCKEAN ('THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE') GUEST-STAR -- When a shuttle helicopter crashes killing all six people aboard, Detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) first suspect a suicidal pilot, but when they learn that a bomb blast was responsible, their probe turns towards a victim's wife (guest star Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) who is influenced by two married, New Age financial advisers (guest stars and real-life husband-and-wife Annette O'Toole, "Dead By Sunset," and Michael McKean, "The Brady Bunch Movie"). After finding the wife's fingerprints on the bomb, the detectives and prosecutors begin to investigate her connection to the oily money gurus, who also dispense personal advice -- but only to nouveau riche millionaires like themselves. Sam Waterston, Angie Harmon, Steven Hill and S. Epatha Merkerson also star.

Season 10 | Episode 18

Jerry Orbach

Detective Lennie Briscoe

Angie Harmon

Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael

Sam Waterston

Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy

S.Epatha Merkerson

Lt. Van Buren

Jesse L. Martin

Detective "Eddie" Edward Green

Benjamin Bratt

Detective Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis

Dianne Wiest

District Attorney Nora Lewin

Steven Hill

District Attorney Adam Schiff