Ambush (Malvern, Ark.)

Bud and Litina Matlock were young, in love, married and living happily together in the town of Malvern, Ark. Bud, 26, coached youth basketball at the local Boys & Girls Club and was trying to be a great father and husband. His wife, Litina, 24, was a sweet and loving partner who was focused on caring for their children and creating a good home. On the early evening of November 18 , 2002, Bud had just finished up a meeting at the Boys & Girls Club. While he was still out, intruders came inside their house where they found Litina cooking dinner and folding clothes. They forced her to her knees and shot her once behind the ear, killing her instantly. Soon after, Bud, unaware of what was happening, pulled into his driveway with their 2-year-old son Latron in a car seat in the back. As he opened his car door, bullets rained down on him from his porch. Bud managed to get out of the car and get a running start down the road, but he didn’t make it very far before he was shot in the back of the head -- he died right there on the street. Mercifully, all the bullets missed baby Latron, and he was unharmed but orphaned. There were instantly many suspects, as the rumors around town began swirling that evening. Although one of the more complex cases the Cold Justice team has seen, Chief Donnie Taber and Assistant Chief Jim Bailey and the entire Malvern PD have never given up finding Bud and Litina’s killers and bringing them to justice.

Season 2 | Episode 6

Kelly Siegler

Herself (Prosecutor)

Yolanda McClary

Herself (Investigator)