He Said, He Said (Vigo County, Ind.)

Erika Case was a smart, precocious, 19-year-old who had graduated high school and was working part-time at the local mall in West Terre Haute, Ind. It was a Saturday night, Sept. 5, 1998, and she and her big sister Mary Case were house-sitting for a family friend. After Mary left for her night nursing shift at the local hospital, Erika’s good friend Isaiah Dooley came by the house with his friend Clint Mackey. For the next few hours, they all swam in the pool, drank alcohol and ate pizza. Early the next morning, Mary finished her nursing shift and drove back to the house. When she walked inside, she found Erika lying on the living room floor, covered in blood, dead; she had been stabbed at least 33 times. When the Vigo County Sherriff’s officers first questioned Isaiah and Clint, they made conflicting statements as to who saw her last, but both boys asserted that when they left the house, Erika was alive and well. Erika’s murder has had a huge impact on the small, peaceful, suburban community of West Terre Haute, and while there have been lots of rumors around town, no one has ever been able to determine what actually happened that evening or who is responsible for Erika’s murder. CASE UPDATE: Clint Mackey is currently in the Vigo County jail. Unless a plea bargain is struck, he will face trial for murder with a possible sentence of 65 years.

Season 2 | Episode 5

Kelly Siegler

Herself (Prosecutor)

Yolanda McClary

Herself (Investigator)