1. Small Town Suicide? (Cuero, Texas)
  2. Mother (Morehouse Parish, La.)
  3. Home Town Hero (Palacios, Texas)
  4. Hit and Run (Globe, Ariz.)
  5. Hiding in Plain Sight (Dickson County, Tenn.)
  6. Small Town Tragedy (Thatcher, Ariz.)
  7. Hatchet (Sandusky County, Ohio)
  8. Blind Love (Gaines County, Texas)
  1. Gone (Altus, Okla.)
  2. A Monster Among Us (Camp Hill, Ala.)
  3. High School Sweethearts (La Porte, Texas)
  4. First Love (Cottonwood, Ariz.)
  5. He Said, He Said (Vigo County, Ind.)
  6. Ambush (Malvern, Ark.)
  7. Single Working Mom (Gallatin, Tenn.)
  8. Billy Goat Hill (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
  9. Lady in the Box (Aurora, Colo.)
  10. Copper Dollar Ranch (Jasper, Iowa)
  11. Stranded (Bay City, Texas)
  12. Death By Design (Waller County, Texas)
  13. Kirby's Speed Shop (Columbus, Ga.)
  14. Justice Served
  15. Sunspot Highway (Alamogordo, N.M.)
  16. Other Side of the Tracks (Cambridge, Ohio)
  17. Second Thoughts (Paulding, Ohio)
  18. Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice? (Vigo County, Ind.)
  1. Still of the Night (Pocatello, ID)
  2. Miss Congeniality (Yakima County, WA)
  3. Burned (Fairview Park, OH)
  4. Mother Daughter Tragedy (Fort Wayne, IN)
  5. Operator, Help (St. John's County, FL)
  6. The Record Keeper (Bridgeport WV)
  7. Little League Dad (Arlington, TX)
  8. American Dream (Fort Myers, FL)

Cold Justice


In towns across America, both large and small, there are thousands of unsolved murder cases that have gone cold. With the right resources, though, it is possible that many of these cold cases can be re-opened and solved, bringing dangerous criminals to justice and providing closure for the families of their victims.


Kelly Siegler

as Herself (Prosecutor)

Yolanda McClary

as Herself (Investigator)

Watch Extras
New Season Begins January
New Season Begins January
The Cold Justice team will be back on the case in 2015.
Justice Comes Around
Justice Comes Around
The Cold Justice team has come into small towns to take another look at cold cases and has had great results.
The Elusive Confession
The Elusive Confession
The Cold Justice team has been involved in four confessions, including one where the suspect took police to the body.
'Not Willing To Give Up'
'Not Willing To Give Up'
A victim's daughter and the cop who investigated the case got justice when the Cold Justice team's work resulted in a 22-year conviction.
Bad Cop, Worse Cop
Bad Cop, Worse Cop
Investigator Johnny Bonds talks about how he knows what approach to take when interrogating a suspect.
Looking for DNA
Looking for DNA
Yolanda visits a forensics lab to show how it extracts DNA from evidence.