Detective Nate Moretta

- Kevin Alejandro
Basic Facts
Age: early 30s
Occupation: police detective (gangs)
Marital Status: married (Mariella)
Address: unknown

Familial Relations
Father: living
Occupation of Father: was an Army Ranger in the Gulf War.
Mother: living
Parental Marriage Status: married
Parents’ Address: Highland Park – Avenue 35—a small, modest home.

Relationships with Others
Current Spouse: Mariella (married 12 years)
Children: Mercedes, 15, raised by Nate’s parents; two boys (Pete is oldest); wife is pregnant with a girl
Past Love(s): Mercedes’ mother (whereabouts unknown)

Other Traits
Previous Work/Job: was a Private when he met his wife; served in Bosnia when he was 17.
Hobbies: helps run Explorer’s Program