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Smallville - Season 2, Episode 1

Over a decade ago, a meteor shower brought destruction to the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville, Kansas. Since then, strange events have occurred, apparently because of the meteorites, which accompanied a spaceship carrying a toddler who grew into a teenager, Clark Kent, in the care of his adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Jonathan, Martha and Clark carefully hide the fact that Clark possesses unearthly powers, even from his best friends and classmates Chloe Sullivan -- the intrepid investigative reporter for the Smallville High Torch -- and straight-talking Pete Ross. Clark struggles with his feelings for both the beautiful girl next door, Lana Lang, and the more receptive Chloe. He also continues forging a remarkable friendship with mogul Lex Luthor, son of the ruthless tycoon Lionel Luthor.

After Clark rescues Lana from a tornado, he discovers the storm's wrath has somehow powered up his spaceship and deposited it in a cornfield. Jonathan is trapped in a cavern with an unscrupulous reporter, Roger Nixon (TOM O'BRIEN), who has discovered Clark's secret and plans to reveal it. Meanwhile, Lex is wracked with guilt over his father's injuries.