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Built for Speed (Season 4, Episode 10)

Maura's on a mission: to improve every aspect of Jane's life, from weaning her off her addiction to caffeine and fried food, to goosing her love life by pointing out the many attractions of Detective Martinez. The makeover is cut short when a new case sends them both to the scene of an illegal drag race, where a souped-up Mustang has exploded, incinerating the driver. Luckily for Boston PD, the incident was recorded on video by a bystander. Unluckily for Jane, that bystander is her annoying high school classmate Giovanni, who thinks he's god's gift to women. IQ-challenged Giovanni isn't much help in the case, but his video shows a frame-by-frame view of the disaster. And when a bomb tech confirms the Mustang was rigged to explode, Jane knows they're dealing with a homicide.

Maura's love life heats up when she learns the hunky bomb tech has a PhD in applied physics. Not only can Brandon the Bomb Guy work the case with her, he actually understands her technical jargon -- and that's the ultimate aphrodisiac for brainy Maura.

The dead driver is identified as Alberto Santana, an auto mechanic who served time in prison but was trying to straighten out his life. According to his parole officer, Alberto was a genius with car engines, but he'd promised his wife he wouldn't race. So what made him climb into the Mustang that night, and why was he recording a video of himself during the race?

When Frost restores the video SD card from the wreck, the images reveal a startlingly familiar face in the crowd: Detective Martinez. Jane realizes they're dealing with something much bigger than the murder of a lone auto mechanic. Only Martinez knows the big picture, and he's not ready to let Jane in on the secret.


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