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No One Mourns the Wicked (Season 4, Episode 9)

Serial killer Charles Hoyt may be dead, but years after Jane killed her nemesis, she's still haunted by nightmares of him. Now she's forced to relive the terror at a criminology symposium led by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Nolan, whose latest book on serial killers includes a chapter on Hoyt. Jane has been asked to speak to an audience of cops about the man who stalked and almost killed her. The curtain goes up to reveal a re-staged crime scene that's eerily accurate – too accurate. The bodies and the blood are real.

The reenactment of Hoyt's crimes is a direct taunt directed at law enforcement and especially at Jane herself. With so many cops in the audience, how did the killer slip in unnoticed? The lack of trace evidence points to someone who's very smart and very careful. Could he be a police officer? The killer has left a distinctive signature on his victims: a small burn mark that might be linked to earlier crimes.

When the same burn mark shows up on a third victim, Jane and Maura know they're dealing with a killer who's just getting started. The new crime scene mimics the work of a different serial murderer who was interviewed by Dr. Nolan. Is this killer working his way through Nolan's book, imitating each of the crimes?

Worried that Jane is the next target, her family and Maura swoop in to protect her. But Jane knows the only certain protection is to catch the killer. And that means digging deep into horrifying crimes from the past – crimes that are suddenly happening all over again.


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