Creator's Corner

with Janet Tamaro
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Season 4 - Week Six

Do you have a question about Rizzoli & Isles? Each week, show creator Janet Tamaro will answer questions from fans of the show, so become a fan of Rizzoli & Isles on Facebook and you'll be able to ask your questions and keep up with all things Jane and Maura.


Question from Stephanie Fallon van Maarschalkerweerd:
Can you ask "Jane" if she wants to marry me?

Janet's response:
Certainly. "Jane, do you want to marry Stephanie?" She's thinking about it ... She says, "No, but thank you. I'm flattered."


Question from Margeaux Seymour:
What's something you haven't written yet that you would like to see in the future?

Janet's response:
SO many things ... My brain is constantly getting stimulated by current events or books I'm reading or great investigative pieces or a conversation I overhear or something going on in my own life or with my husband or one of my daughters or a friend or an acquaintance ... SO, SO MANY things ... Luckily for me, my agitated, busy brain is constantly trying to form new stories ...



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