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All For One (Season 4, Episode 7)

After Jane sprains her ankle and Detective Martinez commandeers her BPD-issued car for his drug unit, she's forced to sit it out as her team investigates a nighttime hit-and-run death. Even stuck at her desk, it's obvious to Jane that the death of high school science teacher David Sutton was no accident. According to the victim's wife, Sutton frequently went out for jogs at night, but when Maura views the victim's flabby physique on her autopsy table, she knows the man was no athlete.

Paint particulates found on the victim match the Impala used in high school driver's ed, and suspicion turns to his students. Sutton's AP science classes were filled with the best and the brightest aiming for top colleges. A demanding teacher, Sutton had the power to ruin any student's college dreams. Was he killed by an angry student or parent?

Frost finds a provocative photo supposedly sent to Sutton from a student offering to trade sex for a top grade. When Jane discovers abundant evidence of sexual activity in Sutton's high school storage room, his late-nightly "jogs" take on a far more sinister meaning. The girl who sent the photo is now in a coma after a suicide attempt, and her three closest girlfriends tell identically heartbreaking stories about Sutton the sexual predator.

Friendship becomes the all-important key as the girls band together to protect each other. Which one killed Sutton? Jane's not even sure she wants to find out.


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