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Killer in High Heels (Season 4, Episode 4)

A cocktail party turns romantic when Maura meets an attractive man who clearly has his eye on her. Not only is Brad Adams charming, he's a medical doctor who loves art, and they instantly hit it off. After sipping a few too many glasses of wine, they leave the party together, climb into Brad's car, and ...

That's the last thing Maura remembers.

The next morning she wakes up with a killer headache and no memory of how she got home, but there's no time to sort it out. A homicide has just been called in. Still groggy and wincing in bright sunlight, Maura arrives at the crime scene and leans into the car where a dead man sits slumped. She takes one look at his face and rears back in shocked recognition. It's Brad Adams. His throat has been crushed by a single blow.

Evidence against Maura piles up fast, and it's damning. Her M.E. badge, her hair and her fingerprints are in the victim's car, and his DNA is under her fingernails. Maura can't defend herself because she can't remember a thing. Heartsick, Jane is forced to arrest her best friend on murder charges. To make matters worse, Maura lands in a jail cell full of hostile inmates itching to unleash their rage against the medical examiner.

Desperate to prove Maura's innocence, Jane and Boston P.D. work round the clock to find out more about Dr. Brad Adams. But to solve this case, they'll need medical expertise that only Maura can give them ... even if it's from a prison cell.


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