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But I Am A Good Girl (Season 4, Episode 3)

The christening of Tommy's son TJ promises to be a joyous day for the Rizzoli family... until Lydia's new fiance Stuart "Strawberry" Strawbridge arrives at the church. Stuart's a stable, hard-working man who can give Lydia all the security she's dreamed of, but he plans to move his new family to Texas, taking TJ with him. Tommy neglected to file legal papers for joint custody, and now he could lose TJ forever. As Tommy and Strawberry square off for a fistfight in the church, Maura's sensitive nose suddenly detects a horrifyingly familiar scent.

It's the body of a young woman, packed in lime and stuffed into the base of the baptismal font.

Isabella Valdez, an undocumented immigrant, was only 19. She was also four weeks pregnant. Did the father of her unborn child kill her, or was her murder connected to the gang tattoo on her arm?

Meanwhile, the entire Rizzoli family plots to break up Lydia and her fiancé. They're desperate to keep baby TJ from leaving Boston, and they'll use any means devious or not to get Tommy and Lydia back together again.


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