Livin' the Dream with Stacey K. Black

Hello and welcome to Major Crimes Season 3 On Set Blog, "Livin' the Dream with Stacey K. Black."

We have 8 action-packed episodes for you to finish out this amazing season, and for this round of blogs, I decided to share the spotlight some more!

There are so many people on our crew, who are very talented writers. So I have decided to have some "guest bloggers" telling their stories about life on the show, from their unique perspectives.


Our last episode of Season 2, James Duff directing!! It's always fun to have him on the set. Adam Belanoff along with the writing staff wrote a very exciting script.

Me, I stand around because I am a "Stand In" for Mary McDonnell. I can't say enough about this amazing, sweet woman. Such a pleasure to work with, love, love, love her.

Of course I do more than just stand around. For the people who don't know, Stand Ins are on the set for lighting and focus marks for the cameras. After the cast privately rehearse a scene with the director, they have the crew come in and watch a "marking" rehearsal. The 2nd camera assistants put tape, in a different color for every actor, at their feet, marking every spot they go to. Mary's tape is pink.

In the hallway photo you can only see some of the marks for two scenes we shot congruently. The actors also went into two cubical areas, making it a total of 31 marks. We've had over 50 in some scenes with 12 characters. Who can remember all that! We only get to see one rehearsal! After all the lighting and camera focusing is done, we do a second team rehearsal (the actors are called first team). In these cases the Stand Ins will read the lines so we all know who is supposed to move next. It's like a dance.

Gregg France stands in for Provenza, Tao and others. Mark Mueller stands in for Flynn, Fritz, Rusty and others.

On the left, Laura Monteiro stands in for Sykes, Rios and others. I'm in the middle, Dakotah Masset, I stand in for Raydor, Buzz and others.

Anthony Garcia who stands in for his real life brother Raymond Cruz who plays Sanchez, of course. He is wearing the Raydor glasses. He finally got ahold of them. Was trying to stop him from wearing them because as you can see his head is bigger than mine and will stretch them out!

I have to wear identical glasses that Raydor wears for lighting purposes, making sure you don't see any glares or reflections of lights in them. This can be quite a challenge sometimes for our DPs, David Harp and Ken Zunder.

What a year, 19 episodes! We all need a break. It's a harder show to do than others with the large cast and the shows getting bigger and bigger. I thought I was on a movie set this episode because some of our scenes were such a huge production. It's all worth it! Can't wait to see it!!!

Dakotah Masset started in the entertainment business as a commercial actress 24 years ago. She did background work and stood in while pursuing an acting career. As an actor, she did theater, a part on "Nip/Tuck", "Running with Scissors" and several roles in independent shorts. Once she discovered writing she gave up the pursuit of acting.

Dakotah has been standing in for Shephard/Robin Productions for eight years now. She has written a Mob pilot, a short and a "Modern Family" spec script. She is now working on another comedy spec. Her first goal as a writer is to be a staff writer on a comedy.


Stacey K. Black has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. She is a three-time Emmy nominee for Outstanding Hairstyling on the series "GLEE," and "American Horror Story."

Her other hairstyling credits include the feature films "THE STEPFATHER," "RUNNING WITH SCISSORS," "THE MINUS MAN," and TV series "NIP/TUCK," "JAKE IN PROGRESS," "THE D.A.," "EZ STREETS," "PROVIDENCE," "CSI:NY," "TOTAL SECURITY," and TNT's "THE CLOSER." She is now enjoying season 2 of "MAJOR CRIMES" as Department Head Hair Stylist.

Stacey also made the unconventional jump from Hairstylist to Director during season 6 of "THE CLOSER" on the episode "Last Woman Standing," and since the episode didn't suck, she was handed the reigns again for her second episode, "Star Turn," this time during season 7. She somehow snowed the powers-that-be into letting her direct an episode of "MAJOR CRIMES" during season 1, which aired on October 8, 2012, entitled, "Cheaters Never Prosper," and this season, her episode "Risk Assessment" will air on Dec. 23.

Her methods of persuasion remain a mystery.
Stacey's documentary feature film "Send My Mail To Nashville" is currently in post-production.

She also enjoys making movies and music, and curried lentil stew. 

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