Livin' the Dream with Stacey K. Black

Say howdy to Tre Beal! Tre is our Production Secretary on Major Crimes, a wonderful human being who helps out our Fur Friends in need, and he and I now have a special bond due to the following event. On my way to work one day, I found a bloody, injured, precious object on the highway, and... well... I'll let Tre tell you the story! This is his Guest Blog week, after all!

"Hero in Hollywood"

When you think about heroism what comes to mind?

Is it the brave men and women who serve in our military? Maybe it's the millions of police officers and firefighters who spend their lives protecting and rescuing us from danger. How about the army of selfless teachers who give their time to teach our children and encourage them to grow?

Any of the above are valid examples of heroism and certainly there are many more examples not listed here but surely most of you did not think of anyone in Hollywood. When most people think of Hollywood they think of self-absorbed, egotistical maniacs. Perhaps that's true in some cases, but not here at Major Crimes.

This is the story of Stacey and Petra:

A couple months ago I arrived to work and found a group of co-workers gathered around my desk. I was sure they were playing some kind of prank on me but to my surprise they were there because of this:

This is Petra. She was a dirty and frightened little kitty who was cowering underneath my desk. She was very scared and rightfully so considering that she was just rescued from certain death. As you can see in the photo above she had a laceration on her lower jaw that needed stitches. She was also flea ridden, malnourished, and in desperate need of love.

Stacey K. Black, the show's very talented head of the Hairstyling Department and singer/songwriter/director extraordinaire, was on her way into work and found this helpless little kitten clinging to the concrete divider of the I-10. Stacey managed to pull her car over to the center of the Interstate and grab the kitten. She then drove the rest of her way to the office cradling the frightened kitty in one hand and steering with the other. We don't know how or why Petra found her way onto the divider of the I-10 but we do know that if it weren't for Stacey she would have met a very sad end.

Since her arrival Petra has had several visits to the vet, all of which have been courtesy of Stacey, and has been nursed back to good health.

Petra now lives with Suzanne and I, and our two cats, Vladimir and Mischka. She plays and eats and sleeps and snuggles and does all the things a happy kitten could ever want to do. She has a great life and is loved and taken care of and will never have to experience another ordeal like her morning on the I-10. She's a very lucky kitten and Stacey K. Black will always be her hero.

Petra has recently returned to Raleigh Studios to thank all the people involved in her rescue. Here is a picture of Petra in the Writer's Room where the creative mind of James Duff and his team of brilliant writers break all of their stories. As you can see she has grown quite a bit and is absolutely adorable.

This is just one of the many stories of kindness and decency that I have witnessed during my time here as part of the crew of Major Crimes. I feel very lucky to have been able to be a part of this great group of people and I look forward to the many years ahead.

While not bringing home helpless kittens, Tre Beal works in the Production Office of the television series, Major Crimes.

He graduated from The University of Arizona with degrees in Anthropology and Creative Writing and aspires to one day combine his knowledge of both fields to create vivid and imaginative tales to be seen on television and the big screen.

He has worked on both The Closer and Major Crimes and recently worked on another project of TNT, The Last Ship.


Stacey K. Black has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. She is a three-time Emmy nominee for Outstanding Hairstyling on the series "GLEE," and "American Horror Story."

Her other hairstyling credits include the feature films "THE STEPFATHER," "RUNNING WITH SCISSORS," "THE MINUS MAN," and TV series "NIP/TUCK," "JAKE IN PROGRESS," "THE D.A.," "EZ STREETS," "PROVIDENCE," "CSI:NY," "TOTAL SECURITY," and TNT's "THE CLOSER." She is now enjoying season 2 of "MAJOR CRIMES" as Department Head Hair Stylist.

Stacey also made the unconventional jump from Hairstylist to Director during season 6 of "THE CLOSER" on the episode "Last Woman Standing," and since the episode didn't suck, she was handed the reigns again for her second episode, "Star Turn," this time during season 7. She somehow snowed the powers-that-be into letting her direct an episode of "MAJOR CRIMES" during season 1, which aired on October 8, 2012, entitled, "Cheaters Never Prosper," and this season, her episode "Risk Assessment" will air on Dec. 23.

Her methods of persuasion remain a mystery.
Stacey's documentary feature film "Send My Mail To Nashville" is currently in post-production.

She also enjoys making movies and music, and curried lentil stew. 

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