Fashion File with Greg LaVoi

Season 2, Episode 1 - Final Cut

Blue Moon. In a Blue Mood. Singin' the Blues. Blue! This color was popular throughout the first act of this premier episode of Major Crimes second season. Sharon Raydor can do no wrong in a resort collection sheath dress from Michael Kors. Most of Raydor's closet is hung with Armani jackets and pants. St. John blouses, casual dresses and un-constructed jackets. Ralph Lauren makes a couple appearances in tailored pants and beautiful blazers and then there's Michael Kors. As a judge for many seasons on Project Runway and as a designer for decades his double-faced wool sheaths are a definite go-to for Sharon Raydor. The sheath dress is professional, comfortable, looks great paired with a jacket and chic on it's own. The designer featured several primary colors shot with brightness...this cobalt blue...a sunshine yellow and several other non-Raydor colors...way too bright for the LAPD!

With the introduction of DDA Emma Rios in her blue Rebecca Taylor nubby tweed flouncy dress and oversized pearls...Provenza's French blue dress shirt and Rusty's periwinkle blue Catholic School polo shirt...there was a lot of BLUE!!! 
With this new season of Major Crimes and new installments of Fashion File, I'm planning on focusing each week with one of my sketches showing how I figure out what a character might be wearing in a scene and then showing you the end result of the painted idea transforming to 3-D on the actor! 

But the blues I chose took away any hint of feeling the blues and perhaps only once in a Blue moon will you see this much blue again!

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Until next week, shop with a purpose and be ware of ugly ties, pull out your ten year old dresses from your closet and make them new all over again, change your style if you need to and look to someone who influences you, and above all...dress for yourself, become the perfect character of your life.


Greg LaVoi's Bio

Greg LaVoi began his fashion career at the tender age of 5 by dressing his Barbie Dolls. A twice Emmy nominated costume designer, LaVoi graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and then attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and continued dressing dolls--living dolls--Reba McEntire and The Judds in country couture. LaVoi attended film school by designing over 40 low budget B movies for film master Roger Corman. The Land of the Lost on ABC was LaVoi's first foray into television, garnering his first Emmy nod. Numerous sit-coms and movies of the week followed. In 2004 the ground breaking TNT cable hit, The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick, premiered and has continued it's popular run as cables number 1 rated drama of all time. Greg LaVoi is a published author (Barbie Loves L.A.) and is relaunching a collection of women's American couture suits and gowns in 2013 under the label, Irene by Greg LaVoi inspired by the costumes he chooses for Miss Sedgwick. He is also writing the biography of famed costume designer Irene Lentz Gibbons.