LIVIN' THE DREAM - With Stacey K. Black


I already read James Duff's blog for this episode, and I SO want to steal one of his sentiments… and since I am crediting him, I guess it's not really stealing, right? He mentioned that a lot of people thought that Major Crimes itself, was a Long Shot. I'm paraphrasing, because James has a way better vocabulary than I do.

Like, totally.

But the long shot sure paid off! What a wonderful first season, of TNT's new smash hit! And what a way to go out. Guns blazing, bad guys snuffed, good guys killed, justice, injustice, just like real life, oh and Rusty's dad gets a spanking. Not literally, we're not that kind of show.

Sheelin Choksey, that very handsome, very smart dude I've been working with for almost 10 years, stepped in right after me to direct the Season 1 finale. What an honor, and the perfect person for the job.

Did keep up Jon Tenny's tradition, by leaving Sheelin a note on the prepping director's desk? You betcha.

Have I mentioned that Sheelin was an actor in my first short film, "Blue Moon," along with Sir Greg of LaVoi? I swear. And they were so good. Here. See for yourself!

I think we have all learned a lot since we shot that film at my house, many years ago. Did you recognize Bruno Campos? Can't believe I snagged him too, but I shouldn't be all that surprised. He's part of the family, and this family rocks.

Even though we only shot 10 episodes for this first season, everyone was on such high alert, and people who normally give 110% ended up pushing to give even more, and I think the finished episodes really showcase all the talent on board. It was a collaboration all around, and after that, all we wanted was a little nap.

Thank you so much for tuning in! And for reading my blog!

I can't WAIT to see what next season brings!