Fashion File with Greg LaVoi

Fashion File Long Shot

I now know why many actors don't read their reviews! After having dinner this weekend in a true dive restaurant that serves the very best hamburgers and fries in all of L.A. with one of my most famous and well known actor friends, I was talking about the Major Crimes message boards and sharing about all the negativity...he asked the probing question, "What about the posts that love the clothes?" and it made me think...why is it we only recall the bad and not the good? 98% of the posts have been so gracious and complimentary to the quality of the show, the acting, the costumes....and what do i take away? The cow blouse...the bad fit of pants...and from now on...with my hand held up, "I promise to not comment on it ever again, I will not give credence to the good or the bad" Oh, believe me I'll continue to read it all, but like the proverbial duck...let it roll off my back! Thanks all of you for your comments, your likes and dislikes, and ultimately that you ARE watching the show! I will not go "Out of Bounds" again...

When we as a crew work on a one hour episodic t.v. show, we are so busy that one show blends into the other, what with meetings, reading the new script, getting out and shopping and pulling the costumes together for all our regulars and guest cast and making sure that the episode we're working on at the same time is running smoothly and finishing up fittings with late casting. "Out of Bounds" was one such show that I had forgotten about how "wow" it was! The "wow" was the fact that once again we in the costume department had to worry, like a dog worries a bone, that there were stunts and multiple costumes to be procured. And as I have shared before, in this down-turned retail economy the stores just aren't stocking multiples of many of the clothes, what you see is what you get. Thnakfully we live in the urban sprawl known as Los Angeles! I made a stop at my favorite JC Penney and found Sykes's denim mandarin styled jacket, bought two of them and told my shopper to go find 4 more...there were none! Anywhere! And of course that didn't set well with me, so again I told her to go to the JCP I had been to, she dutifully followed my request and saw a shopper holding up the last jacket, in front of a mirror to see how it might look on her...said shopper saw this, and promptly asked for the jacket from the unsuspecting Penney's patron, now mind you the jackets for Sykes needed to be small...I had bought a small and a medium and the jacket ripped from the hands of the customer was an extra large...were we "out of bounds" in ripping this jacket from someone who wanted it, of course, but, I had a vision. We were able to work with just 3 jackets much to the directors and assistant directors chagrin...and the blood on Sykes mouth, nary a drop got on the jacket...I don't like playing it that close but sometimes you just gotta go with it. What a great sequence seeing Sanchez and Sykes run like bats out of hell for the gang member and football player and to see the squad so concerned for Sykes. This Major Crimes group of detectives have really gelled and care about each other and I love when they call each other by their first names...that seldom happened on The Closer, one more little nuance to etll us we are "out of the closer bounds."

For the fashionistas out there, Raydor wore a new Armani suit in the first change of the show, it had a scooped rounded neck and shaped body in a shiny almost sharkskin fabric in a deep midnight blue. I read someone thought it was leather, no, Raydor will not appear in leather, not yet anyway...there really are no fashion "out of bounds" that I wil refrain from exploring with any of the characters in this Major Crimes world we are creating...and that's the rub. We are creating our very own world and it's a great bit of fun, to test new looks, new combinations and disregard the "bounds" of The Closer. Do I miss the floral prints and pastel twin sets of Brenda Johnson, of course, but even though Major Crimes is similar with the same beloved characters we are going "out of bounds" with more stunts, bigger stories and more stunning conclusions whether it be a cow blouse, a black suit or a pair of capri pants and ripping a needed jacket out of an unsuspecting customers hands! Tweet me your questions @GregLaVoi with the hashtag #FashionFile, love the interaction and hopefully you are enjoying the answers.