LIVIN' THE DREAM - With Stacey K. Black


This dark episode about revenge and control, was directed by our very own David McWhirter, aka D-Mac, and he gave us another stellar show, with some really cool crane shots. And a few gun shots as well! And David's partner in creating this episode was the very smart and always funny Producer/Writer, Duppy Demetrius.

I love it when he's on set with us because he keeps us laughing. Mostly with tales of his chickens. He has six chickens. If you would like to read about Duppy's chickens, here's a link to his blog:

It's educational, funny, and is chock full of photos.

Of chickens.

I told you he was funny.

Okay, so I have a really cool job. And, I can admit this freely; when friends from back home come to visit me in LA, I love bringing them to whichever set I am working on at the time. I get to relive my first experience on a set all over again, through their eyes. I also feel a little jolt of pride, because I'm living my dreams, and life doesn't get much better than that.

It's especially rewarding when family and friends visit me at a beautiful location, like Descanso Gardens, where we shot the "Daddy Say Yes" music video on THE CLOSER last year, or a mansion in Beverly Hills. That's always pretty surreal for my guests. Ah, the glamorous life I lead, right?

During this particular episode, my cousin Chris and his fianceť Shivani, were stopping to see me at work on their way back home to Northern California, from San Diego. They were SO LUCKY! Because our shooting location that day was a paper recycling plant! Wheee! I don't want to say it wasn't glamorous, but I kinda have to.

Because it wasn't.

Luckily we were all provided with super fashionable facial accoutrements. I looked pretty cute in mine, even with the ginormous wall of paper behind me.

We didn't have it that bad, I mean, the dead guy had to contort his body to fit into a hazardous waste barrel. And he never complained.

We didn't hear a peep out of him.


Stacey K. Black has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. She is a two-time Emmy nominee for Outstanding Hairstyling on the series "GLEE."

Her other hairstyling credits include the feature films "THE STEPFATHER," "RUNNING WITH SCISSORS," "THE MINUS MAN," and TV series "NIP/TUCK," "JAKE IN PROGRESS," "THE D.A.," "EZ STREETS," "PROVIDENCE," "CSI:NY," "TOTAL SECURITY," and TNT's "THE CLOSER." She is now enjoying season 1 of "MAJOR CRIMES" as Department Head Hair Stylist.

Stacey also made the unconventional jump from Hairstylist to Director during season 6 of "THE CLOSER" on the episode "Last Woman Standing," and since the episode didn't suck, she was handed the reigns again for her second episode "Star Turn," this time during season 7. She somehow snowed the powers-that-be into letting her direct an episode of "MAJOR CRIMES" during season 1, which will air on October 8, 2012. Her methods of persuasion remain a mystery.

She also enjoys making movies and music, and tomato/avocado/goat cheese/basil salad.

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