How many partners did Det Ed Green have?
Four: Lennie Briscoe, Joe Fontana, Nina Cassady and Cyrus Lupo.

What year did L&O premiere?
1990, making it the longest-running crime series in TV history.

Where is L&O shot?
On location in New York. It's known for using local actors.

What 60s TV show is L&O inspired by?
The 1963 ABC show Arrest and Trial, which aired for one season.

How many DAs have been on L&O?
Four: Adam Schiff, Nora Lewin, Arthur Branch and Jack McCoy.

Why does Jack McCoy say he works so hard?
His determination comes from his father's penalties for losing.

What branch of the military was Briscoe in?
The United States Army, where he was a corporal.

How many female DAs have been on L&O?
Only one: Nora Lewin. A woman's never held the actual office.

Why did Carmichael leave the DAs office?
She joined the US Attorney's office in New York.