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Las Vegas: Season 3, Episode 16
Coyote Ugly
Jamie Pressly guest stars -- Jaime Pressly guest-stars as a woman who comes to the Montecito to meet Ed and thank him for saving her father's life. Meanwhile, Monica’s friend, Norma Pitts (Sarah Ann Morris), finds a finger in the Montecito’s new buffet and has everyone worried she’ll sue. However, Norma tells Ed she doesn’t intend to sue; she wants only one thing...Danny. Using surveillance footage, Ed (James Caan), Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Mike (James Lesure) discover that the finger belonged to a Montecito employee and are shocked when they find out how he lost it. Elsewhere, Sam (Vanessa Marcil) finds her self with tough customer, Oliver Grimaldi (Ed Begley Jr.). The nicer she is the tougher he becomes. Perhaps he likes mean girls? Nikki Cox and Molly Sims also star. Howie Mandel and Wayne Newton make cameo appearances.