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Las Vegas: Season 3, Episode 8
Bold, Beautiful and Blue
Cashmere Sapphire in Vegas. - Danny (Josh Duhamel), Monica (Lara Flynn Boyle) and FBI Agent Portis review the security measures taken to protect the Kashmir Sapphire, a priceless gemstone on loan and display at the Montecito, from theft. Meanwhile, Monica tries to lure Ed (James Caan) back to the Montecito with a Porsche, a song performed by Robert Goulet, and finally an apology in person. Elsewhere, Mike (James Lesure), Mary (Nikki Cox) and Delinda (Molly Sims) are amazed by the Montecito's guest magician, Criss Angel, as he performs magic tricks for the Montecito patrons on the casino floor. Vanessa Marcil, Robert Goulet, Criss Angel, Lance Burton, and Joe & Phil Maloof also star.