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Las Vegas: Season 2, Episode 18
To Protect and Serve Manicotti
'Fear' is definitely a factor in Vegas; Sylvester Stallone and Joe Rogan guest star -- When a local restaurateur (and mother of a Montecito showgirl) is approached by petty mobsters, Ed (James Caan) enlists the support of a longtime friend, Frank the Repairman (guest star Sylvester Stallone, NBC's "The Contender" and "Rocky"), to quash their extortion attempts. As the two navigate their way through the local mob's hierarchy, Ed discovers that he has a multi-decade-old connection to the ringleader. Elsewhere, Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Mike (James Lesure) feverishly work to reclaim $100,000 stolen from the casino by a cunning thief. Once the thief's identity is revealed, Danny concocts a clever scheme to make good on the money before Ed discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan (as himself, NBC's "Fear Factor") visits the casino in search of a little R & R. Sam (Vanessa Marcil), Delinda (Molly Sims) and Nessa (Holt) who are desperate to be contestants on Joe's show, compete with each other for his attention. Nikki Cox also stars.