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Las Vegas: Season 1, Episode 22
The Big Bang
There's a bomb at the blackjack table; rocker Everlast guest stars - While attempting to comfort a concerned gambler who is demanding his favorite dealer, Nessa (Marsha Thomason) discovers the diehard blackjack player has a bomb strapped to his chest. As she causally alerts Ed (James Caan) -- who joins the nervous bomber at the table -- Nessa attempts to talk him down while Danny (Josh Duhamel) discovers the horrifying truth that second bombs has been planted inside the hotel by an accomplice. Elsewhere, Mary (Nikki Cox) and Sam (Vanessa Marcil) prep the pool for a private concert by rock star Everlast (as himself) for a group of privileged teenagers while Delinda (Molly Sims) attempts to make her kitchen demonstration a success. James Lesure also stars.