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The Case of Charles & Kathy Hayes

Air Date: Jan. 31

  • Charlie and Kathy as high school sweethearts
  • Charlie Hayes
  • Kathy Hayes and daughter Samantha
  • Suspect Craig House at a family barbeque
  • Exterior of the Hayes' home when police first arrived
  • Diagram of the Hayes' home
  • Blood spatter on the wall around the framed photo of Tiffenie Hayes
  • Blood spatter found on wall and living room couch
  • Blood drops found on and in the bathroom sink
  • Blood found on the bathroom sink knob
  • Bloody footprint made by Tiffenie Hayes when she discovered the scene
  • Bloody placemat where the murder weapon was placed
  • Marijuana cigarettes found in the living room
  • The culvert where the murder weapon was found
  • Inside the culvert where the murder weapon was found
  • The murder weapon