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The Closer: Season 4, Episode 11
Good Faith
When THE CLOSER left off in September, Detective Sanchez had been shot three times while saving the life of Det. Lt. Provenza as they tried to apprehend a killer. The episode ended as Det. Sanchez was airlifted to a hospital in Brenda’s arms. In this premiere episode, we learn the fate of Det. Sanchez and find that Brenda and her squad must deal with a new round of cases. Brenda and her team are called in by the medical examiner, Dr. Morales, to investigate an apparent suicide that he believes is actually a murder. The investigation reveals that the victim was making an effort to straighten out his life when an unlikely person turned against him. Meanwhile, Brenda’s parents are back in town staying with Fritz and Brenda for a few days on their way to a Hawaiian cruise.