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The Closer: Season 2, Episode 6
Out of Focus
An ambitious photographer stakes out an A-list actor for the photo-op of a lifetime. But when the photographer is found dead, Brenda and the Priority Homicide Division must sort out the sordid details surrounding the photographer's life and death to determine if he committed suicide or was he killed. When Brenda discovers that the subject of the latest photographs was an A-list actor's secret love life more questions are raised. Was the photographer murdered by the enraged celebrity trying to keep his private life a secret? Or was he killed for the valuable photos inside his camera? As Brenda and her team sift through the evidence to determine the identity of the killer, Brenda finds herself trying to I.D. a mysterious woman who is looking for Fritz. But when she and Fritz argue, will Brenda find solace in the arms of Pope, her boss and former lover?