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The Closer: Season 2, Episode 1
Blue Blood
A gruesome murder scene is nothing new to the Priority Homicide Division, but when one of the vics is a police detective, the pressure is on to close the case. Brenda and her team take heat from top police brass as their investigation turns away from a known drug dealer and toward one of their own. Likewise, tempers flare when Sergeant Gabriel asks that Detective Daniels be excused from the case due to her previous romantic liaison with the victim. With members of the L.A.P.D. ready to take justice into their own hands, the team has to work fast to bring in the real killer. While struggling to match DNA samples that could provide hard evidence, Brenda discovers that Gabriel and Danielsí relationship to the victim is the key to unraveling the case. Meanwhile, Fritz pushes Brenda to take the next step in their relationship. But when her former lover and boss, Chief Pope, finds himself suddenly single, Brenda must question her own feelings to find a different type of closure.