By Stacey K. Black
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Every now and then, one of the departments or actors will host a "Theme Friday." For instance, the Friday before Easter, G.W. Bailey brought in armloads of pink & white furry bunny ears for all the girls on the crew, but he miscalculated his count. If you've ever wondered what it looks like when some females get bunny ears, and others don't... ooooohhh... let me tell you, it ain't pretty. So, fearing for his life and his immortal soul, and because he is a chivalrous gentleman through and through, G.W. ran out during breaks in his filming to buy up all the bunny ears he could find, within a 30 mile radius. He managed to find enough to supply all the rabid bunny-girls with fuzzy ears, and a feeding frenzy was averted.

Whew! Provenza lived to face another day.

Some of our Theme Fridays over the years have included "Crazy Hat Day," "Old Show T-Shirt Day," "80's Day," "Wild, Wild, West," "Men In Black," "Open Mic," and many others. During the shooting of episode 4 this season, our Chief Lighting Technician Scott Young and his team hosted "Pirate Friday." There were many Sea Rovers and Wenches on set. Pirate jokes were flying around as we filmed in the morgue Burrito Room. "Why couldn't the pirate recite the alphabet? Because he always got lost at 'C'." I know, I know, groaner. I even made up my own pirate joke: I'd approach someone and say "Ask me what I do for a living." So the other party would ask "Stacey, what do you do for a living?" And I'd reply, "Haaaaiiirrrrrrrrrrrr..." God, it never gets old!

The jokes came in real handy because it was kind of a morbid scene, unclaimed bodies wrapped in sheets of plastic (hence the term 'Burrito Room,' I know, eeeew), as Brenda and her team tried to find a missing person amidst all the unclaimed dead bodies. We were keeping it light, trying to remember it's only fiction, but all too aware that there are many victims of actual violent crime, every single day.

So we made our day on time, then at wrap, Production and Craft Service had a taco cart brought in for our dining pleasure. Are you wondering what tacos have to do with pirates? Absolutely nothing, but they also served burritos, and they were much more appetizing than those in the morgue.

Stacey has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. Her credits include "The Stepfather," "Nip/Tuck," "EZ Streets," "Running With Scissors," "Providence," and of course, TNT's "The Closer," where she is enjoying Season 5 as the Department Head Hair Stylist. She also enjoys making music and movies. And pizza.

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