By Stacey K. Black
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Yes, I live the Glamorous Life. Hairstylist to the Stars. Surrounded by celebrities and seeing my work on National Television every week. Life is, as they say, "all good."


Friday night, Echo Park, California, slooooowwwlllyyyyy creeps into Saturday morning. Corey Reynolds as Detective Gabriel and Robert Gossett as Commander Taylor, involved in a shootout. A silver-haired stuntman doubles an actor with dark brown hair. An approved black beanie hat (great idea!) rejected at the last minute due to lighting (dang!). A mad dash from the Hair and Makeup trailer with a can of black Streaks 'N Tips to spray on and cover the stuntman's light-reflecting hair. My dear sweet 1st Assistant Director, David McWhirter, taps his foot at me for trying to make fake with the black hat (oops! Sorry D-Mac!). A very cool high and wide crane shot shows the whole, almost deserted street. Then finally... LUNCH! It's 9 pm.

Yes. Lunch at 9 pm.

The caterers offer up a menu of a red meat, a chicken meat and a fish meat. Lots of veggies and salads and freshly baked cookies. Arnold Palmers to wash it all down. Just enough time to chat with other departments, how's their night going? Very well thank you. And yours? Couldn't be better, thanks so much for asking. Then...

"We're back!" for more shooting and shouting, Corey's voice gets hoarse because he always brings 150%. Later, I grab an after-midnight snack and the cup of soup flies from my hand as I trip up a curb and land on both knees. That hurt. Mary Stultz, the other half of my Hair Team, saves the day as always by offering to stay 'til wrap so I can go home early.

At 2 am.

I love my job!

Stacey has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. Her credits include "The Stepfather," "Nip/Tuck," "EZ Streets," "Running With Scissors," "Providence," and of course, TNT's "The Closer," where she is enjoying Season 5 as the Department Head Hair Stylist. She also enjoys making music and movies. And pizza.

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