By Stacey K. Black
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As if last week's episode weren't heavy enough, here we are with the Winter finale, and boy oh boy are the stakes set high. And speaking of high, one of the locations for this episode was a penthouse on the top of a massive building in downtown LA. Check out this view!

Jeanne, one of our amazing Prop Tarts, took advantage of this opportunity for a high-rise photo op with a bunch of her boys. Can you blame her?

So, up to this point in the season, Brenda and the Major Crimes Division have been dealing with all of this Turell Baylor madness, and it just seems like nothing can stop Goldman (Curtis Armstrong) from bringing her down. But then Brenda meets a very tough dude who may have some info for her. He even has scary, snarling, German Shepards to back him up. Now… you know, everyone on screen is an actor. And, that includes our canine thespians. Here's a little look at the "REAL" scary dog, giving Kyra a little lip service.

For the life of me, I can't remember the dog's name! Hank? Maybe. Chuck? Fluffy? I'm at a loss. But needless to say, he/she is an amazing actor! (those legs lying on the ground to Kyra's left, would be our on set dresser, Bruce, holding a door open, out of the way of the camera. Yes… we have soooo many tricks in Hollywood! Wooh! It's magic!

This winter finale is a great lead up to the final 6 episodes that will be airing in 2012. I can't say too much, but just… be sure to tune in! You won't want to miss it!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I hope you all have a great holiday, and an amazing New Year!

See you soon!

Stacey has been burnin' hair on Hollywood TV and Film sets since 1996. She is a two-time Emmy nominee for her work on "GLEE." Her other credits include the feature films "THE STEPFATHER," "RUNNING WITH SCISSORS," "THE MINUS MAN," and TV Series "NIP/TUCK," "JAKE IN PROGRESS," "THE D.A.," "EZ STREETS," "PROVIDENCE," "CSI:NY," "TOTAL SECURITY," and of course, TNT's "THE CLOSER," where she is enjoying Season 7 as the Department Head Hair Stylist. Stacey also made the jump to Director last season, on the episode "Last Woman Standing," and took the reigns on her second episode,"Star Turn," this season. She also enjoys making music and movies. And grilled sweet potato salad.

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