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Episode 603: "In Custody" - July 26, 2010

We shoot The Closer in Los Angeles, during the summer months and the episodes we shoot air on t.v. those same summer months, but this year, blame global warming, and we have had "June Gloom" as the weather-casters call it (marine layer, clouds, fog, cool temperatures and rain sprinkles) into July!!! So, when we shot the night exterior crime scene for In Custody, we had of course expected a warm summer night, but, on no! The day started out with rain showers and it rained most of the day, and I had not planned to have my detectives in rain coats, so about noon, Charlotte and Tracey scrambled to get rain coats and hat covers at the rental house for the uniform cops and pull an assortment of trench coats and overcoats for the boys. At dusk, when we began to convene on set, the clouds went away, there was a gorgeous sun set but there was the lingering threat of 30% scattered rain we deemed it necessary to have the cast wear coats, plus as darkness creeped upon us the temperature dropped and most everyone was warm and toasty. Gabriel looked snappy in a new caramel cashmere topcoat from Roger Stuart, a bargain at $499.99. Buzz was Anderson Cooper smart in a double breasted retro trench by Zara Men. Flynn and Provenza had a classic trench and rain coat from previous seasons and looked Columbo comfy and Tao sported a tonal plaid vintage from my Dad's closet circa 1967! Yours truly wore a tan camel hair Prada topcoat.

Wayne West, played to twitchy perfection by Geoffrey Arend (we worked together on the Shephard-Robin pilot Trust Me a few years ago), was resplendent in well worn jeans, graphic t-shirt and hooded sweat shirt, disparate items from Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and J C Penney. Did you notice that the wealthy Beverly Hills Tatum Family were perfectly coordinated in shades of gray, even little grand daughter Cody was cute as a button in shades of gray!

This was a sentimental episode for many reasons, personally because I was recalling life changing events of a year ago, losing my last parent to cancer, the son in this story was about to lose his life to cancer and meeting Kay Lenz playing Sheila Tatum (profiled in this week's Hemm-ing & Haw-ing), I had been a fan of Miss Lenz since the '70's so working with her was both surreal and rewarding. I dressed her in layers of linen by Eskandar from Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus and added a very special necklace that I write about in detail in Hemm-ing & Haw-ing. Kay and I bonded over Mothers and vintage suits and Ina Garten, and our sentimentality secured our friendship will surely last past the "that's a wrap" of this episode of The Closer.

Brenda comes to the crime scene a bit flustered from a "non-fight" with Fritz wearing a favorite powered cocoa vintage Irene jacket over Michael Kors slacks from a few seasons ago. Her hair was a perfect mess thanks to Lady Stacey K. Black. The next day Brenda walked the three blocks from the parking lot to the new Police Administration Building in a new pair of Skechers with rounded soles, great for the calfs and a gals posture and changed into a girly pair of Christian Louboutin's crafted in black and white polka dot chiffon, absolutely gorgeous, I loved seeing Brenda come back home after a long day wearing the same Skechers! Her outfit was a Fall 2009 Pure Collection catalog purchase, a black and white tweed shift dress with a magenta cashmere sweater over belted in a pewter patent leather skinny belt. Brenda was a flashback to 1988 "Working Girl" in her sneakers and professional dress.

Tweed, cashmere and June Gloom in May, June and July! Sounds like I'm dressing something autumnal not at all the summer in the city looks of The Closer's Los Angeles, but that's the City of Angels for sure. I used to live in a state that played up the fact, "if you don't like the weather wait 20 minutes." I'm not complaining, honest, because shortly we will be suffering through triple digit temperatures and Brenda and the Boys will be sweating through their tweeds and cashmere, but for now I'll take sweater weather any 'ol time, what sweater you ask? Today a gray cable knit "Mr. Rogers" style with quilted leather buttons, not from Pure, not from Neiman's but, shhhh don't tell anyone it's acrylic Towncraft from JC Penney!!! Keeps me cozy in an over refrigerated office on a gray and gloomy day.