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episode 601- July 12, 2010

Helicopters, Hanging Dead Man and Heavenly Bodies, celestial and carnal. Oh, just another season premier of The Closer!

It was so great to get back to work on The Closer after a 6 month hiatus. It was sort of like coming back to Closer College after a long break. Arriving at the campus (studio), seeing old friends (crew), and new! This semester at Closer College brought some new faces amongst the old in the Costume Department. Long time Costume Supervisor Eric Van Wagoner decided not to return to the show and his sense of humor and love of life is definitely missed. He was replaced by a new supervisor, Charlotte Jelinski, who effortlessly manages the department and two new set costumers! Melissa Kidd, the daughter of high school friends of mine and Felicia Molinari whose laugh is infectious and the two girls working in tandem with can't-do-the-show-without, Emilio makes for a very happy costume trailer!

Returning to campus this semester is super shopper Tracey White and Mistress of the Tailor Shoppe, Maria Echeverria. Janice Mayeda returns as our regular Day Player and a new addition is Emily Besa Basa who comes in to help out on heavy costume days. What a great hand picked crew I am lucky to have this season!

We had to  register for classes (deal memos) and obtain the text books (scripts), make appointments to see the President of Closer College (James Duff) and the college deans (Greer Shephard and Michael Robin) and settling into the dorm (costume offices). And just like a college the classes seem to get more intense (Helicopters, Hanging Dead Man and Heavenly Bodies), plus an entire new Quad (New Set of the Murder Room), that in itself was discombobulating, not knowing where familiar hallways were or what door lead where and the colors! Oi Vey Maria!!! Having to adjust favorite Brenda and Squad colors to not clash or blend with the new wall colors...more about that in Fashion Files to come. And of course like any accredited college there is the Friday Night celebrations to look forward to and believe me the Closer College did not forget how to par-tee! Welcome Back Class of 2010!

In my initial costume concept meeting with James Duff and Greer Shephard and Rick Wallace I was told the seasons theme: Attraction-- and how that will apply to some of my costume choices and that I was to take Brenda back to her costume roots as a fashion fish out of water! Wow, after 5 years of fashion evolution Brenda backtracks! Pull out the floral skirts. De-pill the good ol' Ralph Lauren cashmere cardigan and mix and match the colors, a little garish, a little girlish, a lot of vintage Brenda!!! But without giving away any of the season secrets James Duff said he would let me know when I can add a little spice, a little flavor of the Brenda to come and as ever do it all by painting a picture with color!

You rabid fans will recognize the pink and black floral dress that Brenda shows up in at the Hollywood Hills crime scene, but she does sport a new Eric Javits straw hat from Neiman Marcus, don't y'all love the little white bow! And back at the office Bren throws a Pure cashmere cardi over the dress, a new color for 2010--watermelon!

The guest cast was outstanding and having Natasha Gregson Wagner play the philandering Hollywood wife, Cherie Walker was great fun as we had worked together in 2007 on another Shephard Robin production: State of Mind. (I will be writing a new blog for the Fashion File, premiering Thursdays called Hem-ing and Haw-ing and my first featured interview is with Natasha! Hope you like the new blog!!)

On Day 2, I pulled an Irene suit coat from Brenda's ever growing closet, a stunning teal vintage jewel and paired it with one of Brenda's old favorite skirts a flowing floral from Season One!!! Pope really had a broken hand and had actually gained a bit of weight over the hiatus so both were written into the story line. Hilarious when Pope asks Brenda, "Do I look fat?" Did anyone notice that most of the men have new ties in this episode? Most are from JC Penney, believe it or not! Great stripes and patterns and all affordable, what's better than that?

I bought a new suit for Taylor at Roger Stuart in a yummy caramel gold that is such a contrast to Brenda in the teal and notice that Taylor has started to sport pocket squares like his hero Pope!

And it wouldn't be a first episode without the re-appearance of Brenda Leigh's pilot costume, this year I chose to have Brenda wear the pilot skirt and blouse and added a Pure cashmere cardigan, a new color, Pumpkin. When Kyra looked at herself in the mirror as she put the costume on, she said, "What a sad little outfit!"

Brenda has added a few new shoes to her obsession, new pink pumps on Day 1, gorgeous nude patent pumps, for Day 2, with little oh-so-Brenda-bows and matchy-matchy orange perforated shorty heels for Day 3. Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's and Brenda's favorite Louboutin's all with sensible heels NO platforms and NO stilettos, a decree from the Dean's office! And Buzz Watson got a make-over. Gone are the plaid shirts and pleated pants, in are the cardigans and sweater vests and solid shirts and flat front pants, as Buzz rationalizes...a new building a new wardrobe! He still has the geek chic that we know and love!

Helicopters, Hanging and Heavenly Bodies...back at Closer College, hard work, homework and happy hands at the laptop writing not one but two blogs this season!! I am so happy to have my old fans and hopefully new friends join us on this exciting 6th Season of the Number 1 rated Cable Show EVER!!!