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episode 513 - December 7, 2009

As Brenda said to Det. Ranski, consider this an early Christmas present. But, how fun is an early Christmas present? Having The Closer back for three episodes is just as good as opening an entire set of Winnie the Pooh books when I was 10 years old, just about this week oh so many years ago. My parents always allowed me to open one present a week leading up to Christmas Eve and so TNT allows all of us to unwrap the joys of Christmas present with a brand new Closer.

Was it all about Brenda's red shoes in the first 15 minutes? They were fabulous, Oscar de la Renta red patent leather pumps that featured an awesome triangular heel and a substantial Mary Jane strap. Brenda wore a vintage Lilli Ann black cashmere suit scattered with red, yellow and green flecks; down the front of the peplum jacket was a row of glittering emerald-cut rhinestone buttons. Early in the morning, as Brenda hocked up her toothpaste, she threw on one of her favorites, the purple cable knit hooded cashmere sweatshirt. Brenda's early Christmas present was Joel, the cutest darn kitty ever! Watching the little dickens fall fast asleep in Brenda's arms in the last scene was so cute and his/her little mew sound when Fritz was holding her, well, my dears, who couldn’t resist the kitten? Brenda that's who! She, of course, melted in its presence. I love that Brenda always gets the sex of her cat wrong, which bugs Fritz to no end!

I was once given a puppy for Christmas and there is some truth to Brenda's admonition to Fritz that someone shouldn't buy a pet for another. This little puppy and I never really bonded, which was sad, because a puppy or a kitty is what every little boy or girl needs. As an adult, if I go into someone's house and there's no dog or cat, no books or no music, I kind of pass judgment on the person.

My little Christmas pup met an untimely end when the Culligan man ran over the dog. Even though my dog and I hadn't become bestest friends, it's still a horribly tragic and traumatic event. What was the solution? To let Greg pick out another puppy, and I did. It was one of the best dogs I ever had in my life; a silver poodle, Little Prince, who I brought home when I was in first grade and he died my third year of college. Good night, sweet Prince.

The Life was one of our more realistic episodes. Sometimes we get to suspend belief and dress our characters in a heightened sense of reality, but for Mr. Soto, poor dead Manuel, and even more dead Sniper and Stank, the believability of their costumes was spot on; not a costume designers idea of what gang members wear but the real deal, albeit for TV. The gang-raped victim, Camilla, wore gray Champion sweat pants and sweatshirt that doing my research is what this particular rape crisis center gives to the ladies that seek help there. I loved the way the actress was able to cocoon in the oversized sweats and look so vulnerable. Her mother Anna, who supposedly worked as a clerk at a local University, our back story, wore Jones of new York and Nordstrom.

This week was not a wardrobe-extravaganza-fashion-runway-show, except for Brenda and Provenza. The break up of a romance for Lt. Provenza played itself out in the Lt. ridding his life and his desk and his person of any vestiges of his beloved Lauren. Tearing up photos, we've all done it, throwing out favorite foods that we made ourselves eat because "they" loved whatever food it might be and the ultimate act of cutting up an Etro tie, horrors!! I showed James Duff some tie examples that Eric had shopped on the cheap - because Eric didn't want to waste the money on several expensive ties that were to be trashed - but James could tell the difference between the (shhhhhh!) Macy's ties and the handsome designer ties I cob onto at Neiman Marcus. So, James said to me, "Go shopping!" I did, and the result was the beautiful blue print ties with the blue chip price tag! I always used to buy my Dad great ties for Christmas. Since he's no longer with us, I get my shopping for ties fix by choosing ties for all the guys on The Closer.

So, consider this an early Christmas present, whether it's a collection of books, a kitty or a puppy, a tie for a Dad, a designer sweat suit or a pair of fabulous red patent leather shoes. Ot every season of The Closer on DVD!!! I'm sitting in front of the TV. while Men of a Certain Age plays on TNT, with the glow of my decorated Christmas tree shedding light on my lap top as Stella, my dog, snores at my feet. It is a rainy, almost winter, night here in L.A. and Christmas is a couple weeks away, I may just have to open a couple presents early this year. Because I can.

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