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episode 401 - July 14, 2008

Well, it's great to be back for Season 4 of The Closer. We suffered a strike in Hollywood that all but closed our little town down and now in this premier episode we're suffering a brush fire that will all but consume our beloved little Brenda Leigh Johnson. It was so exciting to get the script for our first show of Season 4, you never know what James Duff is going to come up with and who the new characters might be and what I will have to design for Brenda to move the story along and give our fashion fans something to look forward to. While we were on strike I had plenty of time to think about the new silhouette that I wanted for Brenda this season and what we'd keep form her closet last season.

With Brenda and Fritz moving into an apartment it was logical that perhaps she'd edit her quirky wardrobe and give a few of her misses to the Goodwill. A story point from James to me was that Brenda feared her beloved brown cashmere sweater from the pilot was lost in the move, that sweater is Brenda's security blanket, whenever she's vulnerable or feeling lost I always bring it out and it wraps around her like her mama's arms. I get a lot of questions about that sweater, it was purchased at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills in 2004, made by Ralph Lauren and in the pilot Kyra wanted a trench coat but not a trench coat, so when I actually found this sweater it was exactly what Miss Sedgwick had asked for and I've repeated it often over the past three years.

Repetition is a big factor on The Closer. We dress our Detectives from a place of reality and in Brenda's case that means repeating pieces from her closet. One of my superstitions is that every opening episode for three seasons I have used a piece of clothing from the pilot. This episode featured a wealth of pilot pieces. In Brenda's first change at the fire scene I put her in a gorgeous vintage white coat with a full circle skirt attatched at the waist, bought from The Way We Wore on La Brea Ave in L.A. ask for Sarah if you call 323-937-0878. Under that coat was an Alfani wrap dress, Brenda looks great in a wrap dress, who doesn't and the sport coat over that dress was from, you guessed it, the pilot. It too was an Alfani from 4 seasons ago. Brenda also got a new pair of shoes from Chanel!!! A classic two tone cap toe leather with an elastic back, from my favorite store Neiman Marcus. A story point is that these shoes were so expensive you'll be seeing them in several episodes. Of course she never told Fritz how much she spent on them, but a girls gotta have new shoes!

When Brenda comes home and finds Kitty in the window and had the obnoxious reporter in tow, she changes clothes and her black slip and bra and panties has caused quite a bit of buzz, Brenda is sexy...well duh, Brenda IS Kyra Sedgwick. I changed her into a vintage Irene suit jacket done in black wool with a slight camel mitered pin stripe, again from The Way We Wore. Irene was a famous MGM Costume Designer in the 1940's who sold a line of her signature clothes to specialty stores and I try and snap every one up that I see on e-bay or in vintage stores.But I shant be throwing myself from a tenth floor window of the Knickerbocker Hotel and killing myself like Miss Irene did...story details to follow some other time. Brenda has probably one of the premier collections of Irene in the world. Under the jacket I gave her a little whisper of a pink cashmere camisole from The Pure Collection from England and a custom made pair of camel cashmere wide leg trousers, think Lauren Hutton in Armani from the late '70's. The fabric was from International Silk and Woolens 323 653-6453, ask for Oscar.

This season we're still going to have Brenda make a few fashion faux pas, but come on, the girl HAS lived in L.A. for three years now and has had to shop for some new threads on the week ends at least, when she's not solving high profile murder cases! Maybe the Irene suicide case will find it's way to Brenda's investigations yet...or was it really a Hollywood murder.

Hope you enjoyed the premier episode, I'll keep you up to date on what and where Brenda is wearing and shopping and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Hope all of you fans have ordered The Brenda Bag available at QVC, maybe I'll do a line of vintage inspired jackets or suits in the future...after all this is The Closer Closet, anything is possible.

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