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Season 7, Episode 15: Silent Partner- December 27, 2011

Power. The power of a tweed suit; the power of a signature lapel pin; the power of a polka dot tie; the power of a vintage jacket and jersey dress; the power of the 110 Crips; the power of guard dogs and a fabulous high rise penthouse apartment...Power.

It's the whole which came first the chicken or the egg thing...which came first the power suit (tan and black tweed Armani) on Raydor or the power of her performance...or which came first, Gavin's air of supremacy or his powerful lapel pins (one a an agate and diamond design by Adam Neeley or a vintage art deco gold stunner) or which came first Goldman's smarmy take on an attorney or my choice of his signature polka dot ties or which came first, Brenda in her signature vintage jackets and knit jersey dresses ( we know which came first for BLJ and it wasn't vintage or jersey, it was ill fitting jackets and floral print skirts 7 year ago to be exact) and the murder of a gang member in Turell's car and Goldman's business card found on the body...which did come first??? and finally the mastermind, the shot caller Marvin Evans and his vicious guard dogs and that apartment in the sky! Crime pays...or does it? An interesting note on the high rise condo, it was owned by a high profile T.V. journalist and was an incredible homage to the power of hard work and the rewards that often come with it. And we know that the perks of hard work don't come take time and blood, sweat and often tears.

And the power of selling some one down the river, or throwing someone under the bus...power to destroy the spirit of a dedicated deputy chief by settling a law suit by creating the Johnson Rule...shame on Pope. Shame on that power. Chicken and eggs--you decide which came first, or does it matter?