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Season 7, Episode 4: "Under Control" - August 2, 2011

Layers. Layers of emotion. Layers of relationships. Layers of life and death. Prepping, designing and then shooting an episode of The Closer allows me to see the various layers of a production but when we are in the midst of shooting we don't get to see a finished product until you and I the viewer see the episode aired on TNT. Under Control had so many layers to peel away from the opening scene of a frantic mother (wearing clothes from Barney's New York) to Brenda (wearing an ink blue vintage Irene jacket with buttons and slits and a Vera Wang print skirt bought a couple years ago) looking longingly at a box of evidence in the shootin' Newton murders and being questioned by a stoic Sharon Raydor (clad in a dark charcoal Armani suit to show BLJ the serious nature of her audit) to the son of Tao, Kevin (in hip skinny jeans and a Barney's hoodie), almost on one of those "Take Your Son to Work Days" because he was at the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time. Then with the thrilling photography from the helicopter, I mean Sanchez was really up in that whirlybird! And then the heartache of seeing nine-year-old Eric floating in the swimming pool ... when I watched dailies of that scene being shot, I admit tears came to my eyes, the little actor that played Eric was amazingly brave to stay in the water buoyed by a wet suit under the distinctive clothes that he wore and the underwater shot, with the lack of background sound looking up from the wavy water into the dead boys ice blue eyes ... phew, layers of emotion!

The bike was a key piece of evidence ... every kid wants a bike, it's their first taste of freedom. I'm sure my Mom was just as concerned for my welfare when my Dad brought home my first "big kid" bike. I had graduated from a tricycle to a Mediteranean Blue Schwinn Stingray with a glittery banana seat and shiny silver butterfly handlebars. God I loved that bike. I never got a scratch on it even though I rode it all over town.

The blue of my Schwinn was a key color in this episode as well as many colors that didn't relate to Brenda. I had kind of a mish mash of browns and lavenders and greens and blues throughout the squad; not the pleasing to the eye complimentary colors as usual, but this bit of chaotic colors that surrounded Brenda is a direct emotional result of the turmoil that Raydor is causing in Brenda's life ... layers of color.

Marcus the yoga instructor boyfriend of the frantic mother had layers of character, a hemp shirt that we over-dyed red for impact, Rick Wallace our director had requested a red shirt to draw attention to the character, I added Varvatos linen pants from Neimans, mala bead bracelets from Whole Foods (the Whole Body section), Toms shoes and a made to order necklace of leather stings with a shark tooth bound in wire and a dangling crystal wound with the same wire ... all layers to give the actor playing Marcus the tools with which to inform him who his character is.

It's always fun to see Kathy Tao show up. She was "arriving from work" to pick up Kevin wearing a natural linen jacket and top from the Mango collection at, where else ... JC Penney and she carried a sporty rag-rope tote designed by Della Bova the wife of one of our Transportation crew members Jeff Bova. Hopefully Della will start selling these cute custom made totes, I'll let you know if that happens.

And much to Brenda's frustration Raydor takes her on a field trip, back to the scene of the crime, where Turell Baylor was killed, where Brenda is acknowledged by the scary gang member on a blingy bike wearing the gray knit cap and where Brenda ultimately tries to peel back the layers of her decisions, her emotions, her fears and her uncertainty that will dissect her squad and make her question more than her fashion choices this season. Layers upon layers.