Rich Medina

- Detective
Hometown: Boston, Mass. (Jamaica Plain)
Unit: B-2
Title/Rank: Detective
Years on Force: 15
Legacy: Father is retired Detective, one brother in Gang unit, one brother in School Police.

Rich Medina was recently promoted to detective and is enjoying his new found freedom to investigate cases, track criminals and arrest them. Rich's main goal is to learn the job to the fullest and he's glad to have an experienced and generous partner like Tim Stanton who has been teaching him so much. Rich is married to a patrol officer and with two brothers on the force and a retired detective as a father there isn't a criminal in Boston who'd want to end up at a Medina family function. But family can be a bit of an issue for Rich - with the additional responsibilities of a detective and an 18-month-old son, he is trying to strike a balance between family and career.